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I’ve been at my brothers for this past week and we’ve had many interesting discussions about numerous topics.

One topic being the lack of “sanity” and good in the world. Well, that’s probably because we have little patience for insanity and bad/evil. But one thing has become abundantly clear…in order for us to truly appreciate the good and sane things in this world, there must be the opposite in order to provide Contrast.

The ages old dichotomy of we must have darkness to understand light, bad to realize good etc really does make this point.

What most of us Awares see in this world is the ilk and murk because it so grates against us. It not our job to stomp out the dark and evil. If we are upset or live in despair over the wrongs of this world, create some Light! Do good for and with other folks, live free of angst and the usual drag downs, create a positive environment for ourselves, family and friends.

Create some Contrast!!

Blessings of Peace,


Releasing Our Personal Truths

Releasing Truth

Rev. Dr. D.A. Kjono

January 2011

A slightly built man was released from prison on a fine Thursday afternoon. The sky was bright, the temperature was cool and refreshing and the $700.00 he had in his pocket from his 12 years and seven months of “earnings” made him feel as if there really could be Life after serving a sentence for battery and strong armed robbery. He stepped off the bus in his place of new residence and searched the street signs for where to go next.

By means of a casual stroll down the broad avenue the man found his way to the half-way house and parole center where he was to report. Paper worked finished, pictures and fingerprints all filed, he left “The Center” knowing it would have to simply Be for next three years. It was why he was paroled. He walked briskly to the bus stop to get over to his new home, what a beautiful sound that had to him. He wanted to familiarize himself with the bus route, as that too, would be a way of life for the next three years.

“The Center” had set him up with housing and a job and he looked forward to a semi-free life from here on out. He had decided long ago while incarcerated he would change. As he walked towards his new home, he heard loud voices and a scuffle in an alley way and by shear instinct went to investigate. To his horror he saw two well dressed men struggling over a brief-case and then one suddenly fell limp to the ground. The other man yanked the brief-case from the man’s lifeless hands and turned to run down the alley.

The parolee had stepped behind a telephone pole and watched as the man hurriedly walked away in a diagonal path to his. A rush of fear and panic took over him for a moment, but he decided change meant change, so he immediately ran to a nearby store for help. He had them call 9-1-1 and “The Center” to send a representative over to the scene. He did the Right thing.

By his forthcoming he still subjected himself to the humiliation of being put back in holding until more facts could be gathered. He did have the support and confidence of “The Center” that he was being truthful. That was until Milton Farnsworthy III was identified as the perpetrator of the crime. You see Mr. Farnsworthy III was at his attorney’s the very afternoon of the killing to file a statement that it was in fact the parolee that had killed the poor unfortunate Wylie Morebucks and stripped him of his pocket money. The legally documented statement and the arrest and hold documents crossed the chief’s desk at the same time.

There is no need to continue the story as we all know what happens from here. Yes, the poor parolee goes back to “Life” both figuratively and literally….and yes I know… “B”, if not “C” Class movie material. But the story isn’t the point.

The moral of this fictional story is naturally about Truth. The honest and true facts concerning things in Life in general. Using the story above, the truth is that Mr. Farnsworthy III is a liar, murderer and deceitful person who puts earthly gain above his moral and ethical Self. He is a “god” among captains of industry but a fraud to his Spiritual Truth.

One man goes back to the reality of a hellish Life, the other goes on to living a lavish life of luxury, status and a place within society. Both men were actors in a small play that proved career ending for one while the other paid no consequence, other than one of a murky conscience. The truth of the matter is that the wrong person paid the price for the actions of the other. But what the heck, right? After all, the parolee had already been a burden on society while the other had moved hundreds of employees forward through a productive Life. Right?

Now, very few, if any of us, will ever find our being hoodwinked into such an intolerable situation. Most of us have a stable Life that does not include a prison record nor anything that would cause authorities to look so dimly upon our actions.

Is it true that innocent people are convicted of crimes they didn’t commit? Yes. It is estimated that as many as 12-15% of inmates at any prison were convicted on their past actions, of being a felon, rather than the truth of what happened in their last supposed act of inhumanity. Even if that number was 1%, roughly 20,000 people are in prison who did not commit any crime other than being paroled and having a record. That, in my humble opinion is exactly 20,000 too many.

Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world and mistakes happen all the time. But what if we had some sort of omniscient Being, some form of higher life-form beyond our comprehension that knew all truth? What if that Being was everywhere at every moment under every situation? A Omniscient, Omnipotent Being that was Love above all else that did not allow misfortune to befall upon any undeserving Life on Earth? Wouldn’t that make everything right ?

(I heard a whisper just now “We do have such an omniscient Being, we call him“God”, others call Him “Allah”, “Vishnu”, “Jehovah” and so forth!”)

Okay, and the reason “God” has allowed this parolee to take the fall for the real perpetrator?

Ah, “our human condition must be allowed to play out according to “God’s” plan” you say. “God” works in mysterious ways”, you say. “It is not our place to question the mind of “God”, you say. If we get into religious texts, both ancient and contemporary, the list could go on for pages as to the many reasons justifying why we don’t ‘question’ our “God”. Really?

However, I was under the impression that “God” in all His mystery and infinite knowledge stood for good and above all else Truth. I must have missed something in Sunday school. Throughout my research and studies into religious beliefs over the past 35 plus years, it would take me days to compile all the information available to us on the positive aspects of “God”, yet, in everyday real life, those reasons and rationale are tested and proven false on a regular basis.

As a people, who are suppose to give our all, our everything to“God”, we get nothing tangible for which to prove all the glorious and wonderful things that have been written down concerning our Supreme. Above all else when the chips are down for an individual, one would think that having a firm belief in our Spiritual Father would be the saving grace. No matter what difficulty we faced if we were in the right, being truthful and “God fearing”, everything works out just fine.

But, what about the approximately 7,500(1) people who were “God fearing”, and still in prison? Why wasn’t there Divine intervention in those cases? Ah yes, those “mysterious ways” again. Hm, something to really ponder.

On top of all this, we read nearly every day in the paper, or watch on TV the frequent scenario of a criminal admitting a crime and then being dismissed from accountability due to some sort of legal procedure not being followed or witnesses disappearing or what-have-you. There are numerous reasons that even with a confession a criminal walks free due to some overlooked, small detail in the complicated version of law we all live under.

We are human and therefore have to make the call, based on what we know, about whether or not to Believe in an Omniscient Deity or at the very minimum having Faith that our Supreme Creator looks after us. Every last one of us, because He is after all, Omniscient and everywhere at all times. We can’t take personal responsibility for our actions because we are subservient to “God”, He directs our minds and hearts, according to Biblical texts. Another good question I think the parolee would be pondering about now.

The Truth of the matter, in Scripture, is such that we are to be subservient to, hold nothing else above or having more importance to us, confess our very conscience to and follow His instructions to the letter as He presents our options to us. As far as personal responsibility goes, we are told through His Written Word, that we are to have faith and after giving up everything to“God”, He will guide the Universe to cycle in the manner that will best suit our circumstances. Really?

In my thinking, there is nothing of more value to any Human that their personal responsibility towards all things. I think that personal responsibility, faith and belief are one in the same on a Cosmic level. When a person has an impeccable reputation as being Truthful, in all matters, they are in fact enlightened because what that standard sets for us is an indelible, permanent structure to everything we are and do.

I look at the mess within the priesthood of one of our most prominent religions and pedophilia as a prime example of this. The very teachers and leaders of one of the most important aspects of our lives, “Salvation”, violates our Trust, but we are not to think bad of the whole because of the actions of a few. I don’t know how much more of a Mysterious way you can get than this unfortunate truth regarding our religious leadership. I don’t believe for one instant that “God” allowed this to happen nor that the victims were deserving of such treatment by a trusted member of the Cloth. Each and every one of the acts committed by these pedophiles was due to lack of personal constraint. Was it was allowed by “God”? Not in my thinking. “God” had nothing to do with these vile tendencies perpetrated by supposed Holy men.

There is absolutely no justification, no rationale, no allowable circumstance that an Omniscient Being would allow these sorts of crimes against humanity to occur. Especially within His own Flock of trained and educated teachers of His Word. There is nothing mysterious about this way of treating others. This is 100% lack of personal responsibility. And of course, we are not to lump all priests into this despicable category, that is not right either. To the many, many good and honest, decent Priests, my Blessing for Peace in your lives.

So then, if we are not to lump all priests into a category of seedy light, why would that not also apply to the thousands of innocents behind bars in prison for crimes they did not commit? Why would we not be just as outraged and infuriated about the Truth being withheld in these cases as well? Are these Human Lives not just as valuable as those of the priests? Doesn’t Truth apply to these circumstances as well? The fact that many of those incarcerated do indeed have prior records should not influence our perception of truth, but it does.

Our “good” Dr. Phil says it all the time; “The best indicator of future behavior is to look at someone’s past behavior”. Then what is his job all about?? I was mistaken, I suppose, that his personal responsibility and mission in Life was to help people change from what they were into the best they can be. If his statement of ‘past behavior’ is truly his mantra, then he is also a fraud and not about Truth. Really sad, that is, really sad as so many people look up to people like Dr. Phil in order to figure out where they’ve “gone wrong” in Life in order to make changes. So then is being able to change also a fraud? I don’t think so and would never impose such an impossible scenario onto anyone.

Frankly, to me, it all boils down to personal responsibility. How we express our Spirituality, how we live aright in society, how we treat our families, co-workers, neighbors and strangers. Everything we think and especially everything we take action on is our personal responsibility. We make the choice whether to act righteously or not, to be truthful or not, to be a help to others or not. And that, is not mysterious in any way shape or form. It just Is.

For any human to release their personal truth, their inner most belief and faith about what they are as an individual, is really what it’s all about. We can only hope that other’s have as high of a standard as the rest of us and that together we form a cohesive and balanced society in which to Live. If everyone were to take personal responsibility to its highest levels of definition and action, there wouldn’t be anyone falsely accused of crimes nor would we have prisons full of inmates and cemeteries full of those who’s lives were ended abruptly through wonton violence or bad choices by others.

So if we are to prove Spiritual things, much like mathematical equations that have only one correct answer or outcome, why can we prove nearly all there is, except “God”? By what is written in Scared Texts and the actionable causation of every form of malady known to mankind in reality, there is a huge discrepancy between action and reaction, reality and created environment from which we cultivate our most Scared Beliefs.

Something, that has been directed to me recently is the concept of the Universe(s), as a whole, living and inanimate objects, being Unity. Unity is something of a force that reunites us with our most primal facet of Self, and that is our personal Truth. Truth is universal as well as individual. It is a secluded atomic particle as much as it everything everywhere. Truth is the absence of any form of lie, diversion or reflection of anything other than what is.

The more I learn about this concept the more I am finding this line of thinking to have merit and hold great weight with the rest of my thinking on Spirituality. In essence Unity and Truth, by means of this overall description are then one in and of the same principles. When we are “as One” with the Universe and All That Is, we reflect Truth. Truth is a crystal clear picture of everything we are, can be or desire within our limitations as a human being. It also opens our minds to concepts far beyond our ability to conceive or conjure even in the most active imagination.

Truth, in reality, is all there is, no matter who gets away with ‘murder’, as in our opening story. Regardless of who went back to prison, or should have gone instead, the Truth still exists. It just has not been brought to light, yet. As Humans, we simply allow our perceptions to get the better of our rationale. There is no perception of Truth, there is only the reality of it.

Earth, could be the most wonderful place in the Universe, if we saw everything in its Truth instead of our perception of it. The Truth is indeed right there looking back at us in everything but what we are nearly incapable of doing, as human-beings, is to put ego and perceptions aside. The reality of Truth is that it frequently does not reflect the Truth that we would like to see concerning our physical existence. Therefore we tend to try and change reality rather accept Truth. We blame parolees for the actions we take, we blame our parents for a lousy upbringing, we blame spouses for their inability to reflect our perfected illusion of personal Truth, and so on and so forth.

This is why I say that personal responsibility is our only link to Truth. Our being responsible for each and every action we take, we are “godlike” in so much as Truth is our mantra and our legacy to pass on to future generations. We are responsible for our future, not “God”. There may indeed be a Supreme, Omniscient Being “out there” somewhere who’s influence in our lives is in fact mysterious and unknowable, but it all boils down to our personal responsibility to reflect Truth in all we do and say.

But, you know what? I will sleep well tonight knowing in my heart and mind that even by writing something as controversial as this text, I have done what is Right and I take full accountability and responsibility for every word here.

I admit that I had a rather different plan for today when I woke up but inspiration struck me somewhere between pushing the button on the coffee maker and sitting down at the computer. I felt compelled, by some mysterious force, to once again express my opinion of what is right, what is truthful and what is reality.

I found them all to be the same thing, in the same place at the same time so if that isn’t Divine Inspiration, then what is? Oh, you’re absolutely correct, I did say there was no such thing didn’t I? Of course, this is exactly what inspired me to write this article; my own questions regarding the differences between that of personal responsibility, Truth and what we are taught, so go figure.

Things that make you go “Hm”, hmm?

Blessings of Peace my dear Brothers and Sisters, Blessings of Peace.


(1) Based on statistics of approximately 30% of those incarcerated having a firm religious belief.