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The Change Needed to “Make America Great Again©” is Not ‘The Donald’

The Change Needed to “Make America Great Again©” is Not ‘The Donald’

by Orbus Lange

August 2015

I rarely make political commentary as it always, yes always, goes horribly wrong and on a path I didn’t intend. However, having said that, I do have a short message to “The Donald”: If you truly want this country to be “Great Again”, then don’t become the next president of it.

You will find, my dear Mr. Trump, “You’re fired!” are not amusing words to staffers who have been the backbone of this country for decades. You won’t be able to indiscriminately yell orders at people from the Oval Office and get the same effect you do from your business office. The White is suppose to be about running a country, not a fairy tale-land for want-to-be Elf Kings. Even “The Donald” will have to abide by his oath of office and the Bill of Rights. He will also have to stand up for the United States Constitution, not build walls and toss people out on their ear because of race, creed or religious preferences(1).

“The Donald” may be amusing to some, irritating to others and a complete buffoon to the rest of us, but as they say “Money talks and BS walks!” which is what scares me about his chances at winning. I would not be so smug and go so far to say as he could not buy my vote, but at today’s exchange rate my vote is ridiculously valued at US$9.5 Billion…and it increases by US$500M per month between now and November 2016. And while the potential Republican nominee may not think that’s funny, he stopped being so(2) awhile ago.

This is the first time in my 40+ years of voting that I have not had my election choice whittled down to two or three candidates by now. Unless very unforeseen circumstances happen over the next year, this is the first time in my life I don’t have a clue who to vote for next November. It could actually be the first time I don’t vote based on the dismal candidate line up we have so far. The list is long of who I don’t want and no one has given me any glimmer of confidence to change my mind, yet. We will have to see who and what transpires between now and election day 2016.

Give my regards to the rest of the Earthlings,


Make America Great Again” ©2015 Trump for President Campaign



Note to my readers:

My good friend Orbus Lange is an alter-ego of sorts. He often has the guts to say things I never would think of or have the where-with-all to expound to the public. – Viking