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Nov 8, 2016: Not What Anyone Envisioned

I didn’t like either candidate and my Peace and Freedom party is never a serious runner but even our Riva-Banks ticket didn’t impress me much this round.

I suppose we can all show our disappointment in how things turned out OR we can give the elected a chance to prove himself. I’m thinking he will more than likely get himself in a position of impeachment with 6 months, but that’s just my wishful thinking.

I didn’t like any of the candidates this year with the exception of Bernie Sanders. Not that he’s perfect or has all the answers but he does have quite an impressive background of snaking his way around Capitol Hill. If there was was anyone that filled the role of “politician for the people” it is Bernie.

Well folks we can either grunt and groan, kick and fuss about this year’s election or talk to our meathead friends that made this happen. I truly think a lot of people thought “Oh well, just for kicks I’ll vote Trump. After all, he’ll never actually make it!” ….wrong!

Voting is not a joke. Voting is a serious privilege that few people truly understand the concept and responsibility that is placed on them in the voting booth. And if you didn’t vote you have absolutely nothing to say about who is or isn’t in the POTUS chair.

Let’s give “The Potus” a chance and make sure 2020’s election doesn’t fail so miserably.

Blessings of Peace,