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I’ve been at my brothers for this past week and we’ve had many interesting discussions about numerous topics.

One topic being the lack of “sanity” and good in the world. Well, that’s probably because we have little patience for insanity and bad/evil. But one thing has become abundantly clear…in order for us to truly appreciate the good and sane things in this world, there must be the opposite in order to provide Contrast.

The ages old dichotomy of we must have darkness to understand light, bad to realize good etc really does make this point.

What most of us Awares see in this world is the ilk and murk because it so grates against us. It not our job to stomp out the dark and evil. If we are upset or live in despair over the wrongs of this world, create some Light! Do good for and with other folks, live free of angst and the usual drag downs, create a positive environment for ourselves, family and friends.

Create some Contrast!!

Blessings of Peace,