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To Our Global Brothers and Sisters of ANY Religion

I realize you and I have different views on our religions. I also realize we are vastly different in our cultural, familial and community associations and ways of doing things. I understand how greatly different the world is today than when I was born some 60 years ago…some things for the worst but mostly for the better. Lately our Muslim population has had the embarrassment of groups like ISIS, Taliban and Al Qeada tarnish the world view of a most sacred religion.

I am also in complete understanding that the views and edicts most followers of Islam live by are not the same interpretations of the Koran held by the varied groups that promote violence in the name of Mohamed. In my own religious doctrine of Nordic beliefs we face similar challenges of those members who at all times follow the Nine Noble Virtues and those who disregard certain stanzas for their personal agenda.

So somewhere, between the very blurry lines of who and what “God” is we face difficult challenges that do not represent what many of us truly believe. The bottom line to me is that most Muslims, most Christians, most Ásatrú, most Hindu, most Shinto, most everyone of every different religion follows a similar, if not the same tenet as those of us at the ULC;

Do that which is Right!

“Right” is not causing others to suffer because they think different, believe different, eat sleep or live different than we do. “Right” is accepting those differences for what they are, someone else who seeks to Do that which is Right.

As a society at large it is very difficult to have this faith in strangers and people of differences. But if we allow our fears, assumptions and preconceived ideas about others forge our mindset then in essence we are no better nor different than those who would promote and carry out terrorism and intolerance against the majority of peaceful, tolerant, accepting and loving individuals most of us truly are.

And remember, there are more people reading this that “get it” than those that don’t!

Blessings of Peace,