One Reason I Believe As I Do….

Its been an interesting read going through all the pro-democracy talk and enforcement of equal right s for everyone during the start of Presidential Election debates. Interesting indeed.

But beyond politics, there was another article that struck a chord with me. Part of the reason this particular article struck such a chord with me personally was having neighbors in Humboldt who attempted to have their influence and will dictated against me and my will. The whole issue was over the “Welcome” painted on stones bordering my property and a public road…clearly 10 feet inside my property line mind you.

The previous owner of the property had build a knee high stone wall along the front of my property. After spending several days cleaning debris from that area I power washed the stone and decided each top stone would be perfect for me to write “Welcome” in alternating forms of runes, German, English, Swedish and Norwegian. The local Elder of the Jehovah Witness, that lived at the end of our public road took great offense. He was convinced the wording was a “Satanic spell” meant to disrupt the usually peaceful neighborhood.

Despite numerous “No Soliciting”, “No Trespassing” and “Private Property” signs along our long driveway (my house was about 150 yards from road) the JW Elder and a following of 6-8 members showed up relentlessly for several days demanding I paint over the “spell”. He even had some deacon like person – a supposed ‘expert’ in cults- show me a book with runes depicted as “pagan cult symbols” and therefor my greeting was nothing more than “witchcraft” meant to ward off “Good Christian people”.

Long story short the sheriff got involved and let them know the law. Not only was there no threat to anyone, my stone fence was on private property…end of subject. A few days later I caught two young men, which I presumed were JW’s, painting out my greeting. Fair is fair, I had them cited for vandalism. I later found out they had been hired by the JW Elder and thought the land/fence was his. I have no idea of they took him to small claims to get their fines recovered even though I suggested they do so.

This created an uneasiness of neighbor against neighbor for months…all because of religious intolerance. But of course, only the non-religious saw it that way. For three years this issue waxed and waned until I moved to Maui. The last time I drove past the property, the entire stone fence was gone.

Let us keep religion where it belongs, in the associated houses of worship and hearts of believers…after all, isn’t that what the rest of us do with our beliefs?

Intolerance is an evil of its own making. It warps truth and distracts from intent. Many of us believe in intent being the Universal Energy that drives humanity. What is more evil than intentionally forcing someone to believe the same way you do? Not because your holy book says it’s right, or that is what your calling should be, but because the institution behind most religion claim it to be right for them, wrong for us to rebel against it.

That is human desire and coercion, not God’s or The Creator, All Father, The One, The Source…the whatever label you put on the Supreme. Allow others to believe as they will and I fairly certain they will allow you to as well.

Blessings of Peace,


It is Up To Us

Blue Avians…I’m not certain what the truth is, but it is not blue birdlike humanoids.

There is so much speculation, dis-information, media blitz and sensationalism regarding just about every topic or subject. I could reference literally hundreds, but anyone half Aware of the world knows what I mean.

I would like to stick more closely to the latest media sensation of the Galactic Alliance, “League of 90”, ET Alliance and several other monikers I believe all point to the same group of extraterrestrials, not the Blue Avians(1). First of all, yes, absolutely, 100%; I believe there are other sentient, intelligent beings throughout the Universe and many in number. Second of all, I do believe at some point in the past or present they have indeed been here to planet Earth.

Are these two beliefs I share with many good folk validated by hard core fact? Well, perhaps. As to there being other intelligent species throughout the Universe I think the better question is “How can there not be?” Billions of light years from one end of the known universe to somewhere towards the middle, and in all that…we are the only ones? Poppycock! That’s as believable to me as someone trying to convince me there are no flies at waste disposal sites. Shear poppycock, bull-corn, mule fritters, there has to be other sentient life out there.

There has been a recent media blitz regarding information from a self proclaimed psy-ops whistle blower that has mentioned numerous levels of aliens beings, some much like ourselves, some very different and some of an avian classification. While there is much controversy(2) regarding these “Blue Avians” I really don’t think it matters who believes what about these beings…existing or not, been here or not.

The entire debate boils down to whether or not, we as a humanoid species on planet Earth, are ready physically, mentally and spiritually to join with the rest of the Universal Beings. That’s my own name for however many, few, humanoid or not; intelligent, sentient beings there are out there. UB’s for short.

I think one of the most creative minds in the 20th century brought our joining such a federation of UB’s to light in a meaningful manner. Of course, I refer to Gene Roddenberry and his then futuristic TV show Star Trek. This was one of humanity’s first looks into what sci-fi had determined the alien leagues might look like and how these societies might interact with our own.

Many of these UB civilizations had to learn the lessons of our “Federation” brand of moralistic, ethical human behavior. Kirk and the crew routinely broke our own rules in order to get the UB’s to understand how uncivilized or barbaric they were. Really? Us show them ethical and moralistic behavior? Well it was science fiction at its best. However, one episode that comes to mind did express this idea very well. It was even updated in the later “Next Generation” series

Several spin off ideas from THX1138 to Logan’s Run expanded on the concept. But in this particular Star Trek episode; the civilization was fit, healthy, aged gracefully and everyone conformed to the letter of the “Law Givers” without question. No one had broken the rules in anyone’s memory and life simply had no mistakes or upsets of any kind for these folks. Each individual stuck to the rules and never questioned the source of those rules because it was a utopian society. And isn’t ‘utopia’ what each of us desires?

So, What does any of this have to do with Blue, Purple, Green or Red Avians? Reptilian, aquatic, mineral based or what have you humanoids? Well, in my mind, everything.

From the original Star Trek to Next Generation, Voyager and Deep Space 9, Kirk, Picard, Janeway and Sisko, respectively, all adamantly expressed the need to follow the Star Fleet Prime Directive of the United Federation to the letter…

The Prime Directive, used in four of the five Star Trek-based series, prohibits Starfleet personnel from interfering with the internal development of alien civilizations. This conceptual law applies particularly to civilizations which are below a certain threshold of technological, scientific and cultural development; preventing starship crews from using their superior technology to impose their own values or ideals on them.(3)

Logically speaking, whether or not this is sci-fi based episodic dialog or not; Does this not make certain sense? Would not such a logical, equality based, ethical and moralistic code be something that any federation or conglomerate, of any intelligent species, expect? Wouldn’t their ‘prime directive’ be something of similar design and concept?

In summary then, while I fully believe in advanced cultures, intelligent species and highly moralistic beings of pure Light; Would they be coming to us; or waiting for us to mature to their standard of acceptance for alliance? If they have the capability to come here I would think so. It took us four decades just to reach the edge of our own solar system(4) and have barely scratched the surface of inter-planetary travel. I think it will be awhile before we even come close to the technology needed to be acknowledged by ET’s as viable contenders for contact let alone equals.

On a moralistic level we are much farther from contact.

Going back to the Star Trek episode I mentioned above, wouldn’t it be up to us to achieve a certain level of moral and ethical behavior to be considered by an advanced civilization for contact and possible alliance? This is where I fully agree with a compatriot and friend and his view of our “savior”, our “messiah”, as it were, is no one but ourselves. Each and every one of us individually as well as a whole species.

Until all of humanity’s plights and blights are wiped out of our thinking we have no business entering into league with any advanced alien civilization. Each and every one of us is responsible for “First Contact” and it must be heart felt as a whole. No more can war, segregation, famine, greed and numerous other societal ilks be what small groups focus on as humanitarian aid. The problems can and must be eliminated prior to us having any hope of joining with our Galactic Brothers and Universal Beings.

We are our own “saviors” and until every one gets that simple message and does everything within their own right to act right, until “Do only that which is Right!” becomes Earth’s slogan, not just the ULC’s(5), we don’t stand a chance of getting the big golden invitation to join the Universal party.

Peace be upon you! May you enjoy health, prosperity and contentment! When we can all embrace, as well as volunteer, such a statement, truly good and stupendous things will happen.

Blessings of Peace,



We Cant Fix It…unless…

Name the issue: ISIS, Israel, poaching, archaeological artifact theft, over population, pollution, climate change, drought, war, politics, disease, religious indifference and on and on and on.

Everyone from the smallest, poorest and weakest of us to the largest, wealthiest and most powerful have perceived solutions…some will work, most wont. It’s been said that apathy causes the most harm when it comes to our societal ilks and that is partly true but I feel strongly it’s more than that.

Two issues really tick me off above and beyond all others: Animal cruelty and religious intolerance.

If a person wishes to get me off on a tangent, lets start debating the finer points of either topic. I feel a person who willfully harms a defenseless animal should suffer so greatly my exact thoughts would be far too graphic for a public blog. Same goes for those who think they have the singular answer to what “God” is and how s/he/it feels about humanity.

So, rather than blather on and on about things I really can’t do much about, let me just say we can all accomplish great things if we each pick the one or two issues that displease us the most and actively work for change in those areas of social ilk. We can be sympathetic to many, but stretched to thin does no one issue the most good.

Add an issue that you’d seek to make changes in your comments below. I’d like to get folks of like minded problem solving together.

Blessings of Peace,

Why So Secret? (The Loyal Order of EAUQ’S)

I spent nearly a year in Sweden to complete my gild studies at the University of Uppsala and working the archaeological digs at Sigtuna and Birka while under the mentoring of a gild “Drighten” (like a Vice Pres, Assoc. Pastor – in ‘rank’ or title) as my focus was runic divination. While the divination of runes is a very hotly contested realm in academia, those within the inner circles of the Higher Gilds, are privy to an enormous amount of materials found nowhere outside of these institutions. “Gilds” have been in existence since early civilization and require apprenticeships through intense practical application of one’s chosen field.

Probably the most well known is that of the “Masons”, “Stone Masons” or “Free Masons” the latter of which goes back to the pharaohic period of ancient Egypt. The runic divination gild I am a

Fellow of has roots going back to around 450BCE, though many links and diverted twists and turns along the path have made the exact date of inception unknown to contemporary “erulians” or “rune-casters”.”

I was introduced to The Loyal Order of EAUQ’s (Erulian, Ásatrú and Universalist Questers) in 1970 as a young high school student seeking my fame in the art world. My art teacher heard I was Nordic, as was he, and over time asked if would be interested in learning “the real” history of the runes and Vikings. Thus began my esoteric journey into things unknown to others.

Over the following 20 years I studied under various Drightens, basically like a professor or high status officer trained in runic divination. In public domains and academia “runic divination” is but a load of nonsense because there is no direct physical evidence that the runic alphabet was used for anything but chiseling glyphs on stone monuments. In the public academic resources there isn’t much evidence to refute this claim, nor do we Vitkis, Drightens or even many Erulian care…we know the origins of our devotion. There are numerous codex and scrolls in the possession of the Elders that go back millennium which is all the proof we need albeit secret.

The Loyal Order of EAUQ’s is just one group of several dozen that still exist in the traditions of the ancients. Our more public allies, the rune gilds that are popular all over the world are a wonderful place for Good and True Folk to begin their journey. Advancing is completely up to the individual and how persistent they are in gaining information. Edred Thorsson of the US Rune-Gild has written numerous books with extremely valid information regarding the runes. Of all authors, few besides him give factual accounts and historical information about the runes. Nearly all other source are pure speculation on the part of the writer in order to sell books.

Historically, rune staves were always carved on wood according the Hávamál stanzas 138-146 therefor we have very few remaining artifacts from many archaeological digs across Scandinavia and Europe. Crystal, bake-lite or other mineral type “rune-stones” may be a fancy modern construct but have no historical value, meaning or power what-so-ever. Without falling too far from my intended topic here, The EAUQ’s along with the Order of Oden, the US and European Rune-Gilds are among the few organizations that offer true historical runic divination training to the aspiring Erulian.

Due to the esoteric (hidden) nature of these groups, little, if any, information is found via the “all knowing” internet. Runa-Raven Press is a good start for reading material but access to the Gilds or even more elusive groups must follow the ancient rites of introduction, apprenticeships and years of hard study. The Edda and Poetic Edda are among the very first books one should familiarize themselves with when beginning their runic journey.

My greatest recommendation is stick to historical truth regarding the runes and your path will draw you to evidence you need to understand in greater depth. The runic path is not an easy one to gain full knowledge, but once a person does, it’s a PhD in cosmic understanding!

Blessings of Peace,



On Sunday February 1, 2015 I had the distinct honor of marrying my daughter, Sara Nicole, to Michael R. Schroeder! Everything went better than expected or planned!



Never forget WHO was behind 9/11

This is a re-blogged posting. Please read the full article provided in the links below.

Excerpt from link

State Actors That Staged 9/11 Terrorist Attacks Disclosed, Plot Revealed, Justice Inevitable

“The synthetic terror fabricated on September 11, 2001 is like a boomerang fashioned as a double-edged samurai sword.  Just as the manufactured War On Terror has since produced ‘death by a thousand cuts’ in those countries targeted by the real Axis of Evil, the karmic boomerang will now return to those state actors who launched the 9/11 false flag operation .”  – State of the Nation

After thirteen long years of one revelation after another, it has now been established that the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington DC were perpetrated by the very same governments that had the most to gain from them. The US Federal Government, along with the UK and Israel, have each been implicated in the most purposeful and calculated, complex and premeditated false flag operation of this millennium.

From the Viking…..

My wife and I, like most of America, sat glued to mass media hype about 9/11 that fateful day. We will NEVER forget the chill that ran down our spines as we heard the aide lean into Bush and make the remark:”the FIRST plane has hit WTC”.
We looked at each other in horror? “FIRST??”
Less than an hour later the second and third “planes” hit WTC and the Pentagon and shortly after another plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

That aide’s statement has hung like dust in the air of the attic of my mind for 13+ years….how could they be aware of the “first” when according to the official reports several years later “no one knew what was happening” until much later in the day?

After the numerous independent investigations into 9/11 have failed to reveal the sources of this false flag attack, we subconsciously know who, what, where and when. No president in the history of the US has been as aloof as Bush since his leaving office…and of course, we all know why.
These criminals must be brought up on charges. There is no statute of limitations on murder and there are nearly 3,000 counts of it. These criminals have nowhere to hide or run, but I’ll bet even if the World Court convened tomorrow, we would have official witness after official witness claim “no memory” of any events.

What I fail to understand is how can the public at large believe anything other than false flag operation when 2,200 US architects have concluded that 3 buildings the size of WTC North, South and 7 collapsing in their foot print has odds less than an unprotected human surviving a fall from a 50 story building roof.

Is America really THAT asleep? Really?

Blessings of Peace,




A Few Life Lessons

These are some of the things I have learned in Life:

That I love my children without reservation

That I don’t like some of my children‘s actions and deeds, but it never stops my love for them

The failure of two marriages, unfortunately the two that brought my children into being, meant we gave up on ourselves

That I wasn’t in my children‘s lives to guide them into a more positive and productive adulthood

That running away from problems only allows those issues to grow, fester and become larger

Facing problems as they come up is far easier, far more productive, far better all concerned than running away

That I am not perfect but I’ve learned from every mistake and failure and grown into a better person from them

That regardless of what my children do, it never stops my love for them

These are a few things I know:

That my children are a capable and able person who knows right from wrong

That they have abilities and opportunities I never did

That often couples are in love with the idea of what they could have more-so than the reality of what is really there

The only reason people continue to hang on to their “ex” is that they repeatedly allow one to be irresponsible, lie and cheat without consequence

That men that go around getting women pregnant (and women who deceive men into pregnancies) in today’s world and then leave them, face fines, arrears and jail when the law catches up to them

That when a new relationship finds out about old baggage it causes more problems than any ever solved

So, as a father and grand father, this is what I’m willing to do for my children:

Step back* and walk away from the entire issue of their current life struggles and how they are, in my opinion, mishandling it. It hurts me too much to watch my own children, that know better, deliberately destroy a beautiful Life in their children because they don’t want to do what’s right. It’s their choice, not mine. No matter what, I do love my children and grandchildren and will support rightful decisions.

With that said, it doesn’t mean, and never has, that I don’t love my children and wish the very best for them. After all, you both do know right from wrong, good from bad and since you turned 18 has not been my responsibility. 

Love always,


*Stepping back is often necessary in order to see the whole picture clearly, thus knowing where best to add input!