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Health, Well-being and Comfort of All Life on Planet Earth

Reverend Al Kjono  October 2015

Some times I think we humans forget that we are not the only Life-Forms on this planet. We routinely come up with things that aid in our comfort or well-being, but cause harm to other life around us. Paper manufacturing kills trees, meat consumption kills cattle, sonar safety of our marine vessels disturbs and/or kills several types of marine mammals. Granted some of these examples have been our way of life for millennia and are possibly necessary to some degree…. or….are they?

I don’t think it matters if we desire to build a tree house in our back yard, construct a 100 story building in downtown Chicago or give away free energy to the masses. We need to consider…

Consider all life on this planet since we are not the only one. We routinely do environmental impact studies on building projects so why don’t we do so on everything, not necessarily by drafting a law or mandate, but by our own volition, our own moral and ethical standard?

Not every idea is a good idea. Just because a new method of manufacturing seems like an advancement, is it in reality? I mean several automobile makers were struggling with a make or break comeback in the 70’s. Are you really telling me the Gremlin™, Vega™, Pinto™ and Pacer™ were honestly the “best” engineers at their respective plants could conceive?

I’ve talked about ‘personal responsibility’ until I’m blue in the face it seems. So far myself and others of like mind have been scoffed at and laughed out of the blogs. I’ve even been told I might as well give up trying to change anyone’s mind as people are out for themselves and could care less about others. Somehow I don’t fully accept that thinking.

It’s so simple, whether it’s a title or raise at work, a design or invention that creates massive change, a concept of philosophy that alters history or merely causes one person to grow, it doesn’t matter as long as the idea keeps all Life in its best interest. If everybody were to think of everything else before acting out their own desires we could have World Peace, end hunger and homelessness as well as raise the consciousness of life on Earth. It just takes thinking of others as much as we think of Self.

Try it, the results could change your Life forever!

Blessings of Peace,


In Preparation of Peace Day Sep 21

Please read THIS and prepare to meditate this week in support of Peace Day 2015!


Blessings of Peace, Healing and Prosperity,


Why So Secret? (The Loyal Order of EAUQ’S)

I spent nearly a year in Sweden to complete my gild studies at the University of Uppsala and working the archaeological digs at Sigtuna and Birka while under the mentoring of a gild “Drighten” (like a Vice Pres, Assoc. Pastor – in ‘rank’ or title) as my focus was runic divination. While the divination of runes is a very hotly contested realm in academia, those within the inner circles of the Higher Gilds, are privy to an enormous amount of materials found nowhere outside of these institutions. “Gilds” have been in existence since early civilization and require apprenticeships through intense practical application of one’s chosen field.

Probably the most well known is that of the “Masons”, “Stone Masons” or “Free Masons” the latter of which goes back to the pharaohic period of ancient Egypt. The runic divination gild I am a

Fellow of has roots going back to around 450BCE, though many links and diverted twists and turns along the path have made the exact date of inception unknown to contemporary “erulians” or “rune-casters”.”

I was introduced to The Loyal Order of EAUQ’s (Erulian, Ásatrú and Universalist Questers) in 1970 as a young high school student seeking my fame in the art world. My art teacher heard I was Nordic, as was he, and over time asked if would be interested in learning “the real” history of the runes and Vikings. Thus began my esoteric journey into things unknown to others.

Over the following 20 years I studied under various Drightens, basically like a professor or high status officer trained in runic divination. In public domains and academia “runic divination” is but a load of nonsense because there is no direct physical evidence that the runic alphabet was used for anything but chiseling glyphs on stone monuments. In the public academic resources there isn’t much evidence to refute this claim, nor do we Vitkis, Drightens or even many Erulian care…we know the origins of our devotion. There are numerous codex and scrolls in the possession of the Elders that go back millennium which is all the proof we need albeit secret.

The Loyal Order of EAUQ’s is just one group of several dozen that still exist in the traditions of the ancients. Our more public allies, the rune gilds that are popular all over the world are a wonderful place for Good and True Folk to begin their journey. Advancing is completely up to the individual and how persistent they are in gaining information. Edred Thorsson of the US Rune-Gild has written numerous books with extremely valid information regarding the runes. Of all authors, few besides him give factual accounts and historical information about the runes. Nearly all other source are pure speculation on the part of the writer in order to sell books.

Historically, rune staves were always carved on wood according the Hávamál stanzas 138-146 therefor we have very few remaining artifacts from many archaeological digs across Scandinavia and Europe. Crystal, bake-lite or other mineral type “rune-stones” may be a fancy modern construct but have no historical value, meaning or power what-so-ever. Without falling too far from my intended topic here, The EAUQ’s along with the Order of Oden, the US and European Rune-Gilds are among the few organizations that offer true historical runic divination training to the aspiring Erulian.

Due to the esoteric (hidden) nature of these groups, little, if any, information is found via the “all knowing” internet. Runa-Raven Press is a good start for reading material but access to the Gilds or even more elusive groups must follow the ancient rites of introduction, apprenticeships and years of hard study. The Edda and Poetic Edda are among the very first books one should familiarize themselves with when beginning their runic journey.

My greatest recommendation is stick to historical truth regarding the runes and your path will draw you to evidence you need to understand in greater depth. The runic path is not an easy one to gain full knowledge, but once a person does, it’s a PhD in cosmic understanding!

Blessings of Peace,


A Few Life Lessons

These are some of the things I have learned in Life:

That I love my children without reservation

That I don’t like some of my children‘s actions and deeds, but it never stops my love for them

The failure of two marriages, unfortunately the two that brought my children into being, meant we gave up on ourselves

That I wasn’t in my children‘s lives to guide them into a more positive and productive adulthood

That running away from problems only allows those issues to grow, fester and become larger

Facing problems as they come up is far easier, far more productive, far better all concerned than running away

That I am not perfect but I’ve learned from every mistake and failure and grown into a better person from them

That regardless of what my children do, it never stops my love for them

These are a few things I know:

That my children are a capable and able person who knows right from wrong

That they have abilities and opportunities I never did

That often couples are in love with the idea of what they could have more-so than the reality of what is really there

The only reason people continue to hang on to their “ex” is that they repeatedly allow one to be irresponsible, lie and cheat without consequence

That men that go around getting women pregnant (and women who deceive men into pregnancies) in today’s world and then leave them, face fines, arrears and jail when the law catches up to them

That when a new relationship finds out about old baggage it causes more problems than any ever solved

So, as a father and grand father, this is what I’m willing to do for my children:

Step back* and walk away from the entire issue of their current life struggles and how they are, in my opinion, mishandling it. It hurts me too much to watch my own children, that know better, deliberately destroy a beautiful Life in their children because they don’t want to do what’s right. It’s their choice, not mine. No matter what, I do love my children and grandchildren and will support rightful decisions.

With that said, it doesn’t mean, and never has, that I don’t love my children and wish the very best for them. After all, you both do know right from wrong, good from bad and since you turned 18 has not been my responsibility. 

Love always,


*Stepping back is often necessary in order to see the whole picture clearly, thus knowing where best to add input!

So you want a Tattoo?

I’m certain many folks out there are watching any one or all of the many shows dealing with Tattooing and Piercing that are on TV now days. Having been in the industry since my Tattooing Apprenticeship in 1973-75 under Al Orsini at Golden State Tattoo in San Diego, CA I’ve seen a number of changes in this realm….some good, some bad….but the basics haven’t changed much.

20 years ago I created a tri-fold information sheet that answered many of the questions asked then which should still be asked today. Be alert and observant when you go into any tattoo and piercing studio. Besides the fact that even the friendliest, nicest of people can be abhorrent in their sanitation practices, their smiling face can also cover the fact they don’t have a clue what they are doing. Seen it, hate it, been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Competent artwork and piercing is something that is not “luck” if you get it, it should be the Industry Standard in our contemporary world. There is no excuse for re-used, non-sterile, semi-functioning equipment or poor quality piercing lances and jewelry.

If you are new to this world of Body Modifications or an old hat, at minimum ask the following questions of any studio before getting any work.

Excerpts from my old Tattooing tri-fold:

  1. How many years have you been tattooing?

  2. Where did you complete your Tattoo Apprenticeship and may I call them for a reference?

  3. Is the portfolio you are showing me yours?

  4. Do you use sterile, single use tubes, needles?

  5. What is the proper steam sterilization cycle for your equipment? (350º at 20psi for 20 minutes)

  6. If your equipment is unused, how often do you recycle the sterilization procedure? (Six months or less if kept in a sanitary enclosure)

  7. Do you construct your own tattooing needles or buy pre-made? (If “construct”, see that there is no pockets or gaps in soldering, this can collect bacteria that may not be killed in steri-cycle)

  8. How long does it take for a tattoo to heal? (7-10 days)(If they say more than 2 weeks, run!)

  9. What are your printed aftercare instructions?

  10. What type of ink do you use? (Have artist show you labeled bottle or demonstrate procedure if they mix powdered inks and should be a Cosmetic Dye safe for human use)

Additional and/or replacement questions for Piercing:

  1. How many years have you pierced?

  2. Where did you complete your Piercing Training and may I call them for a reference?

  3. Is the portfolio you are showing me yours?

  4. Do you use sterile, single use lances?

  5. What is the proper steam sterilization cycle for your equipment and jewelry? (350º at 20psi for 20 minutes)

  6. If your equipment and jewelry is unused, how often do you recycle the sterilization procedure? (Six months or less if kept in a sanitary enclosure)

  7. How long does it take for a piercing to heal? (7-30 days depending on type of piercing. Have them give you detailed information)

  8. What are your printed aftercare instructions?

I sincerely hope this helps you get quality workmanship from a sanitary and quality artist.

Blessings of Peace,

Where Do We Draw the Line Between OurSelf and the Universe?

We think of ourselves as being the physical matter contained within the skin that encompasses our body. A Human Being. From the hair atop our heads to the callouses on the bottom of our feet and from finger nails on the right hand to those on the left, freckles on our backs to the conspicuous navel on our front…that is “Us”!

In contrast to the physical nature of Self, theologians have tried for years to explain the Spiritual Self and just how it exists within this body of ours. Where is the soul? What differentiates our being from “God”? What distinction does our spiritual heart have compared to our physical brain? Do our morals and ethics create our Will, or is it the other way around? Did “God” create us, or did we create “God”?

Just where do we draw the line between our physical and Spiritual Self?

 In the Bible, the Koran, Bhagavad Gita and the Tipitaka, which are the Sacred Texts ascribed to four of the major religions of our world, all describe the Omniscient Being (“God”) as being within us. Does the Supreme reside within us physically or is “He” purely confined to synapses of the brain? I’m certain I need not go into the “God” quandary as most of us are very aware of the usual list of questions people have asked for millennium.

 Let’s say for the sake of this article, it doesn’t matter where the Ultimate or Omniscient is contained “within”. “He” is there, somewhere.

 In late 2012 and early 2013 Scientists at the CERN Accelerator finally discovered the Higgs-Boson particle which imparts mass to matter. It is also commonly called the “God Particle”. This was the missing link in particle analysis that holds everything in the Universe together. Since its discovery the Higgs-Boson has allowed numerous theories in physics to be demonstrated and proven. Therefore Science, as a whole, has taken a huge leap forward in all areas of research.

 But has this discovery proven the existence of “God”? Well….no!

 We are one step closer to His discovery, but in the meantime we’ll have to settle for the Belief for many individuals that “He” does in fact exist.

 But what separates us from “God”, “God” from the Universe and the Universe from us? Physics and especially particle sciences have shown us there are over 500 phases of matter and that matter consists of both visible and invisible types. Atoms get mass from the protons and neurons that make them up and those parts consists of things called “quarks” and “gluons”. It would take several pages of text to list all 500 phases of matter and a few dozen more pages to describe how these work and interface.

Again, for the sake of this article, let’s just say these things exist and do interact/interface with each other. But as we travel through the infinitely small world of fermions and things get smaller and smaller, we realize there is very little, if any, separation between one thing and another.

If we think of ourselves as being contained within our own skin, which is in contact with the atmosphere, which in turn is in contact with all things internal and external to Earth, then it is not much of a step to consider ourselves “in touch” with the Universe at large.

 Just where do we draw the line between our physical self, the physical Universe and our Spiritual Self?

 The many stories we read in Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Gita and Tipitaka all try and explain our Spiritual connection to “God”. Is Spirituality physical? No, most of us would consider it belonging in the ethereal realms, which is invisible and non-physical.

 The visible Universe is only 5% of the totality of Everything. Mass, space, time and energy (E=mc2) are the things we commonly refer to as the physical Universe. However, if we look at physical science being limited to just 5% of the visible Universe, what do we call or how do we describe the other 95%?

 Is 95% of the Universe Spiritual? Well there’s an exciting thought, but no, science is in the process proving this greater share of the Universe is made up of “dark matter” and “dark energy”….things we can’t see.

 So then, if we can’t see the barriers between one physical item and another, is there actually a barrier there? Where does our skin end and the atmosphere begin? What constitutes the barrier or separation between the Earth’s atmosphere and solar space? Can things even be defined in such a manner or separation?

 What if…..(there is the billion-trillion dollar question, eh?)…there is no separation or defined end to one thing and beginning to the next? What if, like teeth on a comb, things are a series of open and closed areas that mesh into each other (like placing two combs together) and once this is done there is no defined separation between any one thing and the next?

 I can’t prove it, at least not yet, but maybe that is just what the likes of Jesus the Christ, Mohamed, Buddha, the Bible, Koran, Tipitaka and Bhagavad Gita were all attempting to describe in a time long before we even knew the Earth was not flat? Perhaps these gifted prophets and other writers somehow Spiritually knew what science is now beginning to prove?

 “God”, “The One”, “The Source”, “The All”, “Collective Consciousness”, (and/or whatever “label” you desire) is indeed within us as much as we are within “Him” as much as everything is connected, yet separated throughout the whole of not only the Universe or universes and the many other possible dimensions.

 Do the graphic images provided to lure our sense in such classic movies as The Matrix(a) or Avatar(b) have a bit of truth in them in that all things are in fact One? Nothing separates us from each other any more than we (humans) are merely defined as something greater than a gas particle of Saturn or Jupiter.

 If, as science is beginning to prove, there is little if any difference between one thing and the next, then our Spiritual Quest may be simplified. We may be able to stop seeking and begin to simply be what we are….God. Too lofty a thought for you? Fine, have it your way and I’ll have it mine as I in no way shape or form think it is blasphemous or derogatory towards the Omniscient to acknowledge Self for what it is. That is what separates religious dogma from Universal Truth in the first place…..why wouldn’t “God’s” desire be for us to acknowledge exactly what we are?

 Blessings of Peace,

Rev. Dr. D.A. Kjono

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 (a) ©Warner Bros. Pictures

(b) ©20th Century Fox

A Victory for Those Who Paid the Ultimate Price

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Viking Reverend's Blog

Finally the Veteran’s Administration has come to their senses – even though it may cost them a few cents to implement the new ruling for marking KIA’s grave-site at Arlington or any other VA approved burial plot.

Our beloved Thor’s Hammer – the identifying symbol of most Ásatrú Folk – was approved as one of the now 56 symbols the VA will allow to mark a soldier’s grave.

The story on National Public Radio’s interview with John Brownlee can be heard HERE

The story that broke this news can be found HERE

Fortunately for many active soldiers and veterans who already are familiar with Nordic Mythology and Odhinnism in general, the VA actually acknowledged that Thor’s Hammer is not linked to other form of paganism, such as Wicca, Satanism or Hedonism, and following Teutonic/Germanic Beliefs, stand for the Nine Noble Virtues which is in large part embraced by the majority…

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