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Nov 8, 2016: Not What Anyone Envisioned

I didn’t like either candidate and my Peace and Freedom party is never a serious runner but even our Riva-Banks ticket didn’t impress me much this round.

I suppose we can all show our disappointment in how things turned out OR we can give the elected a chance to prove himself. I’m thinking he will more than likely get himself in a position of impeachment with 6 months, but that’s just my wishful thinking.

I didn’t like any of the candidates this year with the exception of Bernie Sanders. Not that he’s perfect or has all the answers but he does have quite an impressive background of snaking his way around Capitol Hill. If there was was anyone that filled the role of “politician for the people” it is Bernie.

Well folks we can either grunt and groan, kick and fuss about this year’s election or talk to our meathead friends that made this happen. I truly think a lot of people thought “Oh well, just for kicks I’ll vote Trump. After all, he’ll never actually make it!” ….wrong!

Voting is not a joke. Voting is a serious privilege that few people truly understand the concept and responsibility that is placed on them in the voting booth. And if you didn’t vote you have absolutely nothing to say about who is or isn’t in the POTUS chair.

Let’s give “The Potus” a chance and make sure 2020’s election doesn’t fail so miserably.

Blessings of Peace,


The Change Needed to “Make America Great Again©” is Not ‘The Donald’

The Change Needed to “Make America Great Again©” is Not ‘The Donald’

by Orbus Lange

August 2015

I rarely make political commentary as it always, yes always, goes horribly wrong and on a path I didn’t intend. However, having said that, I do have a short message to “The Donald”: If you truly want this country to be “Great Again”, then don’t become the next president of it.

You will find, my dear Mr. Trump, “You’re fired!” are not amusing words to staffers who have been the backbone of this country for decades. You won’t be able to indiscriminately yell orders at people from the Oval Office and get the same effect you do from your business office. The White is suppose to be about running a country, not a fairy tale-land for want-to-be Elf Kings. Even “The Donald” will have to abide by his oath of office and the Bill of Rights. He will also have to stand up for the United States Constitution, not build walls and toss people out on their ear because of race, creed or religious preferences(1).

“The Donald” may be amusing to some, irritating to others and a complete buffoon to the rest of us, but as they say “Money talks and BS walks!” which is what scares me about his chances at winning. I would not be so smug and go so far to say as he could not buy my vote, but at today’s exchange rate my vote is ridiculously valued at US$9.5 Billion…and it increases by US$500M per month between now and November 2016. And while the potential Republican nominee may not think that’s funny, he stopped being so(2) awhile ago.

This is the first time in my 40+ years of voting that I have not had my election choice whittled down to two or three candidates by now. Unless very unforeseen circumstances happen over the next year, this is the first time in my life I don’t have a clue who to vote for next November. It could actually be the first time I don’t vote based on the dismal candidate line up we have so far. The list is long of who I don’t want and no one has given me any glimmer of confidence to change my mind, yet. We will have to see who and what transpires between now and election day 2016.

Give my regards to the rest of the Earthlings,


Make America Great Again” ©2015 Trump for President Campaign



Note to my readers:

My good friend Orbus Lange is an alter-ego of sorts. He often has the guts to say things I never would think of or have the where-with-all to expound to the public. – Viking

We Cant Fix It…unless…

Name the issue: ISIS, Israel, poaching, archaeological artifact theft, over population, pollution, climate change, drought, war, politics, disease, religious indifference and on and on and on.

Everyone from the smallest, poorest and weakest of us to the largest, wealthiest and most powerful have perceived solutions…some will work, most wont. It’s been said that apathy causes the most harm when it comes to our societal ilks and that is partly true but I feel strongly it’s more than that.

Two issues really tick me off above and beyond all others: Animal cruelty and religious intolerance.

If a person wishes to get me off on a tangent, lets start debating the finer points of either topic. I feel a person who willfully harms a defenseless animal should suffer so greatly my exact thoughts would be far too graphic for a public blog. Same goes for those who think they have the singular answer to what “God” is and how s/he/it feels about humanity.

So, rather than blather on and on about things I really can’t do much about, let me just say we can all accomplish great things if we each pick the one or two issues that displease us the most and actively work for change in those areas of social ilk. We can be sympathetic to many, but stretched to thin does no one issue the most good.

Add an issue that you’d seek to make changes in your comments below. I’d like to get folks of like minded problem solving together.

Blessings of Peace,

Never forget WHO was behind 9/11

This is a re-blogged posting. Please read the full article provided in the links below.

Excerpt from link

State Actors That Staged 9/11 Terrorist Attacks Disclosed, Plot Revealed, Justice Inevitable

“The synthetic terror fabricated on September 11, 2001 is like a boomerang fashioned as a double-edged samurai sword.  Just as the manufactured War On Terror has since produced ‘death by a thousand cuts’ in those countries targeted by the real Axis of Evil, the karmic boomerang will now return to those state actors who launched the 9/11 false flag operation .”  – State of the Nation

After thirteen long years of one revelation after another, it has now been established that the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington DC were perpetrated by the very same governments that had the most to gain from them. The US Federal Government, along with the UK and Israel, have each been implicated in the most purposeful and calculated, complex and premeditated false flag operation of this millennium.

From the Viking…..

My wife and I, like most of America, sat glued to mass media hype about 9/11 that fateful day. We will NEVER forget the chill that ran down our spines as we heard the aide lean into Bush and make the remark:”the FIRST plane has hit WTC”.
We looked at each other in horror? “FIRST??”
Less than an hour later the second and third “planes” hit WTC and the Pentagon and shortly after another plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

That aide’s statement has hung like dust in the air of the attic of my mind for 13+ years….how could they be aware of the “first” when according to the official reports several years later “no one knew what was happening” until much later in the day?

After the numerous independent investigations into 9/11 have failed to reveal the sources of this false flag attack, we subconsciously know who, what, where and when. No president in the history of the US has been as aloof as Bush since his leaving office…and of course, we all know why.
These criminals must be brought up on charges. There is no statute of limitations on murder and there are nearly 3,000 counts of it. These criminals have nowhere to hide or run, but I’ll bet even if the World Court convened tomorrow, we would have official witness after official witness claim “no memory” of any events.

What I fail to understand is how can the public at large believe anything other than false flag operation when 2,200 US architects have concluded that 3 buildings the size of WTC North, South and 7 collapsing in their foot print has odds less than an unprotected human surviving a fall from a 50 story building roof.

Is America really THAT asleep? Really?

Blessings of Peace,




What is REALLY Going On in Syria?

What is REALLY Going On in Syria?

by Viking Reverend

September 6, 2013

I’d like to start by saying I am not the only person around the blogs sites that is a bit fed up with the public mass for buying into the hype coming out of Washington, D.C. over this recent issue in Syria. “80% of those polled support President Obama’s call to action”….are you kidding me???

Sadly it is just the latest round of mule fritters being served steamy hot with copious amounts of self serving “Illumi-berger” gravy. If you aren’t aware by now that the “D.C.” after Washington is an acronym for “Deceit Central”, please, I implore you to wake up to this fact.

Recently I discussed at length my horror and dismay over our continued involvement over the bogus “War on Terror” with a colleague in the battle against the War Mongers of Earth. While it’s no surprise we both agree on the heinous acts carried out by what Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claimed was a “rebel attack” and Rebels claim was an “atrocity by Assad’s henchmen”, the bottom line is hundreds of Syrian civilians are dead by a most terrifying means.

In one of my colleague’s and my latest e-mail exchanges we agreed on the bobble minded talking heads of Media simply ‘doing their job’ by taking the “official” stance. This is something we’ve both been aware of for many years and yet this past few years it has gotten to the point of shear lunacy thinking even the Sleepy Mass can swallow their tripe. Rather than extrapolate a few “buzz words” I’d rather present the majority of his response to me so that context is also present.

You said — I want to help get this message out as to how bogus the media is in reporting truth about important issues such as this one that could potentially escalate things in the Middle East.

My view about that is — if someone doesn’t know by now that they are being inundated with a continual load of the foulest (bovine excrement) — they will NEVER know because they are squeezing their eyes shut — have both fore-fingers inserted into each ear — and are vigorously shaking their head while loudly shouting NO NO NO NO trying to drown out the blatant obvious truth.
In that case — you might as well bag it.
And — here is the fact about all the whaddabout thises and the whaddabout thatses including the present “crises” — which is scaring the crap out of all sane people with even a tiny shred of conscience.
Through the carefully engineered media blitz of go-get-em war mongering — there is so much secret hidden subterfuge — purposefully created mythos — highly complicated maneuverings — chaotic misinformation — purposeful disinformation — total manipulation of public opinion on every side — so many complex hidden overtones — hidden sneakiness — bribery — secret contracts — wanton greed and avarice — and — of course their Almighty God of $$$ $$$– that all we can really say is that — well — its just
business as usual — except — this time round it is being done out of complete frustration and suicidal despair.
You see — these tyrants and their minions actually
WANT THE TOTAL FIERY ARMAGEDDON OF WORLD WAR THREE which they have long panted after while deceiving themselves that they are lending a “helping hand” to their insane “God”of Forces and Chaos.
But — this is NOT allowed because such blind and ignorant foolishness contains dire Cosmic consequences which are completely unforeseen by the perpetrators.
However — this situation may be the pivotal point for the visible emergence (at last) of the New Paradigm.
How much blood will be spilled?
Any more death and violence is already too much — but . . .
This is where WE come in. This is all we can really do — in my opinion.
The time for attempting to “inform” people and wake them up has now come and gone.
Meditate and Pray — and try to do it with others if you are able — we are far more powerful than any of us has ever imagined.
Keep your eye and intention upon the Victory of the Light and do your very best to not succumb to the ever increasing fear — panic — and frantic madness now going on around you — which is being fed and exacerbated by the media agent provocateurs of chaos — fear — confusion — violence and butchery. If it bleeds — it leads.

We really cannot know what is really taking place because it is far far far more complex and complicated than we could ever imagine. There are literally millions of factors effecting this situation and its final outcome.
The whole “reality” grid we have been living for our entire lives is now completely shattering.
Nothing is as it seems to our very very limited sphere of information — which is partial — incomplete — and for that reason — far less than accurate. But what IS absolutely sure and accurate is that within the innermost core of their beings — the people of this world WANT an end to war — violence — slavery — and the ridiculous sectarian hatred — but — they are very frightened at the moment and will react out of fear and panic because many of them know that their very survival is on the line.
Without Divine Intervention all hope would be lost in this most pivotal situ

I have to repeat my colleague’s wonderful advise to any person who is tired of being lied to by media, government and asleep friends: Meditate and Pray — and try to do it with others if you are able — we are far more powerful than any of us has ever imagined.

While many of us who are a bit more Aware than the bovine mass know, there can be a peaceful solution to just about any chaotic incident in the world. Meditation on specific subjects can and will bring about positive change. Now, whether you subscribe to the fact that we have off world allies helping us bring about this end to World Suffering, or you believe that we are in control of our own destiny….it doesn’t matter how you have come to realize there is something terribly wrong going on in this world, just that you truly wish to do something, anything, to help create change.

Whether you prefer to “pray”, “focus energies”, “meditate” or any number of means by which folks can focus on a single thought, let’s do it together. Whether you believe in an alien presence here on Earth or not, whether you subscribe to the Old Ways or not, whether you are Religious or not, regardless of your personal belief system, Change is something any rational person sees as necessary on this planet at this time.

Join me every Sunday evening 7-9pm PDT (-8hrs of Greenwich Mean Time – GMT) in a focused meditation on bringing about change to this current struggle between the Elite and the rest of us.

E-mail me at  for further information by putting “Meditate for Change” in the subject line. We can create change if we but believe we can.

Blessings of Peace,

Update Sept. 9, 2013:

I hope as many of you as possible made it to the meditation hours yesterday. While I would like to believe it was this multi-national meditation, I am thankful for todays headlines! A new survey posted revealed only 1 in 5 support any military action against Syria. Read it here.

Other Sites/Blogs of interest:

References on the Syrian Crisis:–politics.html

Attacks on ANYONE, just not Right

I was recently made aware of this news article:

Attacks at Pagan Author’s Home Raise Concerns

Kyrja Withers is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is behind a March shooting and April “bombing” at her property….

…..Heather’s stepmother is Kyrja Withers, who recently reported to police that the windows of her home were shot at. Kyrja was inside her home when the bottles were thrown and heard the explosions…..

There haven’t been any arrests yet in the bottle throwing incident or the incident where the windows of Kyrja’s home were shot at. Kyrja is now offering $200 as a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people involved in throwing the bottles and/or the March 28 shooting incident at her home.

Full story HERE

It does not matter who committed the crime or who the crime was against. It doesn’t matter what faith either party is or was. What does matter is that peaceful, law abiding citizens are being attacked for “being different” than others in their respective communities.

I’m asking all my Pagan followers to send a message of support and a Call of energies to the Withers’ family. Their daughter is taking this not so well and needs as many prayers, calls and as much support as we can all muster. Please send your kind and supporting words to the e-mail address given in the News Article.

Blessings of Peace,

When is Law Not in Our Best Interest?

I am currently helping advocate for a young man, “Joe”, who’s only “crime” was being in the wrong car at the wrong time. This poor guy is looking at the possibility of 15-20 yrs because he was just out with some friends after getting home from Afghanistan and out of the Marines after a 6 year hitch which was suppose to give him college funding and choices.

“Joe’s” grand parents live in our senior complex and I’ve been helping them steer through the mountain of paper work and legal files and offering what Spiritual support I can to the family. I’ve been to see the young man, held on $500K bail, and he is a true Marine and his eyes tell you he honestly had zero to with any of this crime, but our laws dictate he must be punished along with the rest.

His parents (daughter of my neighbor) are good, lawful, hardworking people who brought up 3 amazing children, one getting ready to graduate high school with honors and 4.0 gpa…”Joe” also graduated the same hs with honors in 2006 and his youngest sister is on her way, also graduating 8th grade with a 4.0 gpa. “Joe” took a 6 year enlistment because it offered him a chance at college he might not of otherwise been able to afford and was discharged just a few months ago.

Upon  returning from Afghanistan, “Joe’s” old high school buddies decided to party it up for his homecoming. “Joe” was in the very back seat of his buddy’s SUV, when four of the six other fellows jump out at a mini-mart supposedly to get some snacks. 3 old friends sit talking and hamming it up since quite a bit of Life has transpired since they last saw each other. While they are laughing at bad jokes and getting caught up, they had no idea the other fellows were inside the store with handguns in the two clerk’s faces.

The only sign of anything bad happening to the guys in the SUV is one of their friends runs out of the store and heads down the street, running as fast as he can. Then one of the other’s comes out and jumps in the SUV telling the friends “You won’t believe what’s going on in there!” It is then they hear a shot and then the driver and his brother come running out to the van and race away.

Moments earlier, there was a struggle and one of the banditos decides shooting one of the clerks is “self defense” because the clerk grabs a bat and comes at him. All the details are too numerous, but the whole time the robbery is going on “Joe” is sitting in the stolen SUV (unknown to most of the passengers) talking with his other two buddies, oblivious to what is going inside the store.

The 28 yr old driver and his 24 yr old brother have become gang bangers since “Joe” left high school and went over seas, and weren’t exactly forthcoming about that fact when deciding to throw their old friend a party. One of the other passengers is a high school coach’s kid and the two he stayed in the car with have both hence graduated college and are working decent jobs. None of the lawful young men knew much, if anything, about how involved in gang life the other two brothers had become…these two simply showed up with a cool car an offer for a homecoming party.

Now this is a case of 2 of 7 people in a car deciding that armed robbery, attempted murder and mayhem are what will give them the “goods” needed for a fun night welcoming an old friend home from a war. The 2 that went in with the driver and his brother say they didn’t know until they got inside what the driver was up to.

All 7 face the same charges and 5 of them had absolutely nothing to with any planning, thought of or enactment of this violent crime.

The clerk that was shot recovered from a minor shoulder wound, but refuses to work the family store because of his fears. The one that ran out as soon as he saw what was going on didn’t warn the 3 sitting in the SUV and was arrested the next day at his home. Of course the 2 gang bangers “swear” everyone in the car knew what was up and the older driver has now been elevated with the Soreños to some sort of “sergeant” due to his wanton disregard for law.

These are exactly the type circumstances where our legal system is wrong, wrong, wrong but has been created by people living in fear who support all the wrong ideals within society.

I mean think about it….when you were 25 and an old friend from high school shows up and says “Let’s go play some pool“….would you have thought to ask him if the car he was driving was stolen? if he had a handgun on him? if he planned on robbing a store to fund the pool party? if his brother’s intended to shoot a clerk? No, I didn’t think so.

If the driver of this SUV and his brother had “Right” on their minds, none of these young men would be in the situation they are in. Had the driver been a good example, being the eldest of the group, there never would have been a stolen SUV or robbery, or wounded clerk and so forth…had he but “Doing that which is Right!” on his mind instead of crime. And what gets me the most about that young man, he’s punked his own brother and friends by trying to paint a picture they knew what was going to happen…that is a weak, fearful person.

It’s situation like this any one of us could be involved in at almost any time and the bottom line is no law has ever prevented a crime, it only give prosecutors leverage at trial for sending someone to prison.

Outlawing guns or creating more laws doesn’t do squat to change an already fearful public from dealing with crime. Only changing the mindset of individuals that would perpetrate such crimes is going to be effective in maintaining everyone’s freedoms.

“Joe’s” family is working hard to to get him a good lawyer, but with current laws in effect, it’s an uphill battle to get him off on any one or all of the half dozen crimes he’s been charged with.

Please help us keep “Joe” is our prayers and send him good energies…after all, a boy that went to war, defending Democracy and came home a man, does not deserve to have his life cut short because of one bad choice he didn’t even know was a bad choice in getting in the wrong vehicle with the wrong people at the wrong time.

Blessings of Peace,