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What About Other Worlds?

We have here, on planet Earth, a phenomena of “legends” that date back thousands of years. Of reptilian conquerors, star people saviors and all manner of gray, green and blue entities either trying to kill us or aid our survival.

I can’t help but wonder; In all the vastness of this universe are there other intelligent life forms light years away from us pondering human invaders and some form of savior?

I’m going to leave the question there for now and add to this pondering at a later date. Just think about it and chime in with your comments.

Blessings Be,


It is Up To Us

Blue Avians…I’m not certain what the truth is, but it is not blue birdlike humanoids.

There is so much speculation, dis-information, media blitz and sensationalism regarding just about every topic or subject. I could reference literally hundreds, but anyone half Aware of the world knows what I mean.

I would like to stick more closely to the latest media sensation of the Galactic Alliance, “League of 90”, ET Alliance and several other monikers I believe all point to the same group of extraterrestrials, not the Blue Avians(1). First of all, yes, absolutely, 100%; I believe there are other sentient, intelligent beings throughout the Universe and many in number. Second of all, I do believe at some point in the past or present they have indeed been here to planet Earth.

Are these two beliefs I share with many good folk validated by hard core fact? Well, perhaps. As to there being other intelligent species throughout the Universe I think the better question is “How can there not be?” Billions of light years from one end of the known universe to somewhere towards the middle, and in all that…we are the only ones? Poppycock! That’s as believable to me as someone trying to convince me there are no flies at waste disposal sites. Shear poppycock, bull-corn, mule fritters, there has to be other sentient life out there.

There has been a recent media blitz regarding information from a self proclaimed psy-ops whistle blower that has mentioned numerous levels of aliens beings, some much like ourselves, some very different and some of an avian classification. While there is much controversy(2) regarding these “Blue Avians” I really don’t think it matters who believes what about these beings…existing or not, been here or not.

The entire debate boils down to whether or not, we as a humanoid species on planet Earth, are ready physically, mentally and spiritually to join with the rest of the Universal Beings. That’s my own name for however many, few, humanoid or not; intelligent, sentient beings there are out there. UB’s for short.

I think one of the most creative minds in the 20th century brought our joining such a federation of UB’s to light in a meaningful manner. Of course, I refer to Gene Roddenberry and his then futuristic TV show Star Trek. This was one of humanity’s first looks into what sci-fi had determined the alien leagues might look like and how these societies might interact with our own.

Many of these UB civilizations had to learn the lessons of our “Federation” brand of moralistic, ethical human behavior. Kirk and the crew routinely broke our own rules in order to get the UB’s to understand how uncivilized or barbaric they were. Really? Us show them ethical and moralistic behavior? Well it was science fiction at its best. However, one episode that comes to mind did express this idea very well. It was even updated in the later “Next Generation” series

Several spin off ideas from THX1138 to Logan’s Run expanded on the concept. But in this particular Star Trek episode; the civilization was fit, healthy, aged gracefully and everyone conformed to the letter of the “Law Givers” without question. No one had broken the rules in anyone’s memory and life simply had no mistakes or upsets of any kind for these folks. Each individual stuck to the rules and never questioned the source of those rules because it was a utopian society. And isn’t ‘utopia’ what each of us desires?

So, What does any of this have to do with Blue, Purple, Green or Red Avians? Reptilian, aquatic, mineral based or what have you humanoids? Well, in my mind, everything.

From the original Star Trek to Next Generation, Voyager and Deep Space 9, Kirk, Picard, Janeway and Sisko, respectively, all adamantly expressed the need to follow the Star Fleet Prime Directive of the United Federation to the letter…

The Prime Directive, used in four of the five Star Trek-based series, prohibits Starfleet personnel from interfering with the internal development of alien civilizations. This conceptual law applies particularly to civilizations which are below a certain threshold of technological, scientific and cultural development; preventing starship crews from using their superior technology to impose their own values or ideals on them.(3)

Logically speaking, whether or not this is sci-fi based episodic dialog or not; Does this not make certain sense? Would not such a logical, equality based, ethical and moralistic code be something that any federation or conglomerate, of any intelligent species, expect? Wouldn’t their ‘prime directive’ be something of similar design and concept?

In summary then, while I fully believe in advanced cultures, intelligent species and highly moralistic beings of pure Light; Would they be coming to us; or waiting for us to mature to their standard of acceptance for alliance? If they have the capability to come here I would think so. It took us four decades just to reach the edge of our own solar system(4) and have barely scratched the surface of inter-planetary travel. I think it will be awhile before we even come close to the technology needed to be acknowledged by ET’s as viable contenders for contact let alone equals.

On a moralistic level we are much farther from contact.

Going back to the Star Trek episode I mentioned above, wouldn’t it be up to us to achieve a certain level of moral and ethical behavior to be considered by an advanced civilization for contact and possible alliance? This is where I fully agree with a compatriot and friend and his view of our “savior”, our “messiah”, as it were, is no one but ourselves. Each and every one of us individually as well as a whole species.

Until all of humanity’s plights and blights are wiped out of our thinking we have no business entering into league with any advanced alien civilization. Each and every one of us is responsible for “First Contact” and it must be heart felt as a whole. No more can war, segregation, famine, greed and numerous other societal ilks be what small groups focus on as humanitarian aid. The problems can and must be eliminated prior to us having any hope of joining with our Galactic Brothers and Universal Beings.

We are our own “saviors” and until every one gets that simple message and does everything within their own right to act right, until “Do only that which is Right!” becomes Earth’s slogan, not just the ULC’s(5), we don’t stand a chance of getting the big golden invitation to join the Universal party.

Peace be upon you! May you enjoy health, prosperity and contentment! When we can all embrace, as well as volunteer, such a statement, truly good and stupendous things will happen.

Blessings of Peace,



What do you want done with Your Remains?

We are all going to physically die one day, it’s simply the cycle of Life. There are many sources of information that sway our thinking concerning this final request. There is an in depth discussion of this topic at and can be found HERE

So what do you want done with your body after you pass away?

Do You Believe in Mediums?

What is Life?

There is a lot of Life after death research that gives compelling evidence of our continuum surviving our physical death. When the body expires and no longer functions; zero respiration, zero heart rate and zero brain function…clinical death…there is evidence that our Spirit lives on. So what is our “Spirit”?

Spirit, for the purpose of this discussion is defined as the Immortal Self, an unmeasurable, intangible energy that is our True Self. It is Conscious Life. We live in a miraculous time when medical advances have a great deal of our physical body plotted and detailed explanations of virtually every function can be laid out on charts and graphs for our inspection and theorizing. We know how every aspect of our physical existence interacts and reacts with the other parts of our physical being, except for one. What exactly makes us Alive?

One definition of Life is the conscious will to live. Conscious, will or desire to Live. Through the semantics of language, our conscious will is then something separate and apart from Life. It is only when we bring our conscious desire to live together with a physical body, that is capable of functioning, that we are Alive. The brilliant theoretical physicist, Steven Hawking is most certainly alive, but due to his affliction of Lou Gehrig’s disease has less than a quality of Life. Yet others who most certainly have able and well bodies, lack a great deal of mental capability, so intelligence is not living. Our intellect is based on the accumulated capabilities of our brain.

Theoretically we can not have Life without that elusive energy that makes all the physical and chemical processes of the human body work cohesively, our Conscious Will. Since we have yet to be able to clearly define what this conscious will is, I’m simply going to use the term Spirit for the sake of this sermon.

Religion has a clear cut definition of our Spirit leaving our body when we “die” and going to what is termed “Heaven”, or of you so believe, “Hell” in the case of some people. Much like turning on a light fixture in your home, the switch and light are likened to that of your body and mind and the source of the electricity that makes it work is far away in some form of electrical energy generation facility, like a hydro-electric dam or nuclear fusion plant. The switch, your body and the light bulb, your mind, have no illuminating capability without the electricity that comes from the source of generation. For the sake of this discussion, this source then is likened to “heaven” or the “Collective Source” as some define it.

From this we can now see why there is much emphasis on Mind, Body and Soul when it comes to our everyday lives, in or separate from any religious beliefs we may entertain. Until recently there has been a lot of speculation and theoretical explanations of these three components to our existence, but now, thanks to the dedication and hard work of medical professionals, we are getting a much better picture of Living is all about. We also understand what the death process is and what happens during this transition of energy forms. That little Spark of Life, our Conscious Will, our Spirit is in fact a completely separate entity from all other aspects of our physical form.

What is Death?

Death by any and all definitions is when the major components of our physical body cease to function. The heart does not beat, the lungs do not fill or exhale oxygen and our brain fails to process information. We are completely and totally void of the coalescence involved between our physical functioning and Spiritual connection to our body.

Energy is defined as having no beginning and no end, energy merely changes from one form into another. Sounds like the much the same evaluation and definition we give to “God”, “The Source”, “the All-Father”, “Allah” or the “Collective Consciousness”. We also know we have a lot of internal energy. Physical death is the body’s separation from all sources of energy. It is “unplugged” from any ethereal, spiritual or other energy source, it dies, rots and returns to dust.

Mediums and Spiritualists

Energy is most definitely an incredible, separate, element of Life. Energy lives on after physical death. Life energy has recently been given an atomic weight, a mass and an electronically recordable sound(1). So if anything has the criteria for a composite, such as mass, weight and volume, it can indeed be tracked, traced and studied…something we are just beginning to do when it comes to the Soul or Spirit.

Spiritualists, or Mediums, are the go between for this physical realm and the next ethereal realm. I fully accept that there are many more frauds and charlatans out there in this arena than the genuine article. I really don’t want to get caught up in the debate of the authentication processes involved. I have only used what I feel are authentic and genuine sources for the content of this discussion.

I’m using only the research materials and backgrounds of those who have been deemed by general acceptance as being the real deal for the purposes of this discussion. Edgar Cayce, John Edward and Silvia Brown are among the some of the most famous for their abilities. There are a great many others and even a small town(2) in western New York which is comprised of mystics and mediums of varying levels of competency.

Few folks of regular, and/or, ahem “normal” abilities, simply do not trust their instincts and the natural, “God”-given abilities within each of us, so many choose to seek the aide of a Spiritualist or Medium for a variety of needs. Regardless of your personal views regarding Mediumship, at least acknowledge this is a very real and important aspect to some people’s lives. Others among us feel we have certain giftsor abilities concerning being able to communicate with the physically deceased, taking our minds on varying adventures through time and space or even healing others who are afflicted with myriad of diseases.

Some, just a very few of the terms used for these abilities can be defined as; going into the Astral plane, gift, ability, guide(s), insight, mental imagery, focused energy, astral energies, Master Self, Supra-conscious, the Sourceand so forth.

I am a firm believer that since our energy merely transforms, and is never in any meaningful manner “destroyed”, each planeor realmit inhabits has differentiating criteria for it continuing to exist. Some of these realms or dimensions of realitymay well be beyond our ability to fully comprehend in our physical state of Awareness. Quantum theories in physics and mathematics deal with what goes in our physical universe, who can say what applies or does not apply to other realms?

Spirit Guides

Now, on other aspects of mediumship, I have to be honest here and say I personally have never found a lot of meaning to the “Spirit guide” being in our subconscious to help “guide us through” events or circumstances. Such as guide “Sam” being the guide for sub-conscious and “Ralph” being the guide for Supra/Highest Consciousness, “Amanda” being the guide for holidays and “Charlie” helping me with my forest management class and so forth. Somehow I have difficulty wrapping my brain around that. I’ve always felt more comfortable with one’s “guide”, or more simply Self, being manifested into one of the various aspects of the levels of higher Self-consciousness. Every level is You! How you think about things from the superficial surface to the inner core of deep thought.

I’m not saying this guide label has no meaning or significance, nor that it isn’t a valuable tool for many, the above is just one of my personal views on this topic.

I’m also not saying that Mediumship, on any real level isn’t complex and therefore in need of many terms to identify the many facets of this phenomena. We could indeed compile and entire dictionary just on the vast amount of terminology used to express the spirit world in a physical sense so that we understand what we’re talking about.

In this light, I’m also convinced that many terms used have multiple definitions and that many definitions do in fact describe the same processes used by others under differing syntax and word use.

A genuine and good intentioned Medium can help us “connect” to passed loved ones or perhaps even find those who have gone missing. Even our law enforcement agencies have compiled information on many cases that were otherwise “unsolvable” were it not for the Mediums brought in on the case. Certain people have been able to relive the residual energies of someone’s Life and give some pretty harrowing tales of exactly what happened to the deceased in their final moments. Psychics are becoming more and more valued as a investigative tool for both the living and deceased.

Mediums work in a variety of context and means of conveying their messages from beyond. Some use the traditional séance type setting while others use an object belonging to the dearly departed to “connect” to that specific energy. Candles, scrying bowls, cards and a bounty of items are used during the process of connection to the Other Side. Is any one better or more accurate than another? I don’t think so. I believe a person uses what tools work for them when it comes to energy/spiritual works.

For instance, when I use the rune-staves in my works, it is merely a focus for me. Based on what I read in the rune-staves, it helps focus my mind on the individual’s energies at the time, but does not necessarily “give an answer”. In the great majority of circumstances, it is the confirming conversation, and personal contact if possible, after the “reading” that will be responsible for giving truthful assessments rather than the tool that was used.

Can silly little blocks of wood actually focus energy? From my experiences I will emphatically and resoundingly say “Yes!!” My wife, who has witnessed hundreds of my readings, as well as those people I did the readings for can testify to the uncanny ability of this focused energy. If you need a number, I would have to give an 80-85% accuracy rating in things brought to my consciousness from casting the runes. So regardless of the tool used by the Medium I will have to assume they have similar results with their chosen form of physical connection tool.

From clinical studies and the mere odds of being connected to such a high number of cases is far, far beyond the 12-15% offered by chance, or even that of 50-50% in various other tests of psychic ability and performance standards. I have been fascinated with this facet of runic divination for over 30 years and yet the more I learn, the more fascinating this form of Spiritual Connection becomes for me.

General Observations

Personally I believe that any Spiritual Giftgiven us, with the full acknowledgment and graces of The Creator, is legitimate. Those who possess a genuine Spiritual Giftare more often victim than purveyor of these abilities by how they are treated by society. Those good folks who hold certain, valid Giftsgenerally stay quiet for fear of retribution and humiliation by the public. Why? Because, all too often in today’s society the truly gifted go unnoticed while the loud and vociferous people who choose to scam and profit are the one’s in the spotlight, for a short time.

The results from various polls have indicated that as many as 85-90% of the general population believes in some form of Life after Death. Around 60% believe that there is validity in certain forms of Mediumship and nearly 2/3rds of the population, 62%, believe they have had at least one paranormal experience in their life. When John Edward first appeared on the Montel Williams’ talk show circuit in 2002, few had even heard of his “Crossing Over” tapes in the self-help category of paranormal investigative titles. He was single-handedly responsible for increasing the percentage numbers listed above 20-30 points to what I listed. Do I 100% believe he is the real deal? 99.99999999% yes!

Even with the huge amount of bad press over his alleged ‘info baiting’ from monitors in the crowd of which none has been conclusively proven. Interestingly enough it was Silvia Brown who became Montel’s weekly guest for the paranormal, whom some believe she was behind the smear campaign on John Edward McGee, his full name. Show business is snow business, all I know is that there is some fascinating evidence of things paranormal to be found across the networks.

We have about a half dozen television shows on the paranormal that have popped up in the last few years. Two things drive this market; viewer ratings and advertising dollars. The more people that watch a particular show, the more a network can charge for advertising. Popular makes big bucks for the networks and most of these paranormal shows are very popular. There were a couple of these shows that were like any talent on TV, a flash in the pan, but on the whole, new contracts have been written for most of them to continue.

Our favorite investigators would have to be Zak Bagans, Nick and Aaron on “Ghost Adventures” as they only document what is going on, not try and give any indication that they are mediums of any sort. They are strictly photo-journalists. Armed with a bevy of EVP’s, unexplained apparitions and visually disturbing images, I think they have done a marvelous job of remaining objective in presenting facts. One show we thoroughly took as tongue and cheek showmanship was “Most Haunted” the UK based group that always had the camera focused on their reaction to something “gripping us shear terror” rather than whatever it was terrorizing them so severely….baaaad TV.

I would have to include “Paranormal State”, founded in 2001 and first aired on A&E TV 2005 as being a close second to our favorite. Ryan Buell, the host and founder of PRS, seems to be a level headed boy-turned-man over the past five seasons, going from intimidated college student to active researcher. The spin off show from this program, “Psychic Kids” with Chip and Edy, two guest mediums on “Paranormal State” is wonderful. We, as adults can imagine enough bad in our lives over claiming to have one ability or another, but what about the children in this world who are coming forth in droves expressing psychic abilities of all types.

But from TV shows to books, audio tapes and the myriad of marketing ploys behind a now popularized realm of the paranormal, there is truth. Some of it is a few layers deep while another larger part is open for full investigation should you choose not to believe it. Don’t get me wrong, my wife and I are both very cautious in our endorsement or evaluation of any Medium in the spotlight today. Just like the evening News broadcasts, we don’t take it at face value until we’ve had a chance to investigate the program, personalities and producers of any show. Some of these broadcasts are rightfully defined as Entertainment Purposes Only while others you can take or leave on your own terms.

The bottom line is I believe there is truth behind the many aspects of the paranormal world. I believe we can communicate with the deceased, if we but open our minds to the probability of this happening. I believe that genuine psychics, energy readers, healers and the vast array of titles and abilities given individuals by our Creator are here to enhance our world and serve the purpose for which they were brought into this world at this time.

We were created in the image of “God” and I believe that image includes such things as those which we have but begun to understand. I believe that physical death and eternal Life is something inherent to all of “God’s Creations” that have a soul. Eternal Life is not just for those deemed “worthy” by mankind’s concocted beliefs, rather an integral part of our infinite continuum. Energy, which has no beginning or end can not be held to the confines of our limited capacity to rationalize, rather, it is free to express itself by whatever means available.

Just who are we to even begin to think we understand what“God”,The Source”, “the All-Father”, “Allah” or the “Collective Consciousness”, whatever label you choose, intended?

If you choose to be skeptical or for any reason think of this as being the “Devil’s Work”, that is indeed your choice.

Other forms of “Spiritual Gifts”


Dr. Eric Pearl in his book “Reconnections” explains how reiki healing is a real phenomena. A complete and total skeptic at first, he now leads one of the premier institutes of reiki training and healing. Not only does the reiki worker need to believe, but so does the patient. When the two minds are focused on the same belief in healing it is really amazing what can be accomplished by the individual’s connection to the Source. This source, is “God”, or any one of a number of labels, humans use to explain things that don’t otherwise seem to make logical sense.

My wife and I used a form of reiki in our business years ago to calm down the anxiety some people had enduring hours of needles and the “torture” of getting tattooed. It made a significant difference, even when most weren’t aware of our using this medium of influence over them. We also have done a lot of energy light work, getting visible energy to collect and form between individuals. Say what you will about this, we know it is real. Whatever the proper label is for much of this, I am not sure, but I am also 100% convinced that things exist outside our normal capacity to rationalize and put into logic.

Remote viewing/sensing

Whether it is remote sensing as to what is going on somewhere else in the physical world, healing a person’s physical or spiritual ailment or even as mundane as narrowing down choice for a mate or partner, some sort of mental/psychic Gift “God” has given us exists. The Christ said that we but “need the faith in the amount of a mustard seed” to realize our faith in the belief of His teachings, but I feel confident he expressed this in reference to our particular psychic abilities as well.

The Monroe Institute has been exploring remote viewing and the possibilities of making this a viable tool for our military since the 1960’s. My brother attended a symposium and workshop on this psychic ability in 1979 and returned home after just a few days of what was suppose to be a two week involvement in this phenomena. His opinion was that what Monroe, and the government was “up to” in this arena was unGodly and as well as “very real”.

My brother stated recently that unimaginable advances in this area of psychic ability has been used, behind the scenes, in every major conflict since Viet Nam ended. It was highly developed and used during the waning days of the Cold War by the US, Russia and China.

Men Who Stare at Goats” with George Clooney, 2009, was a spoof on this level of psychic ability however based on the very work the Monroe Institute made initial quantum leaps in during the 70’s. It is thought by some of my brother’s friends, who are either still in military service or recently retired, that what has been leaked or publicized is only the “tip of the iceberg” in what the true abilities are concerning certain gifted Remote Viewers.

Govt involvement

I think the simple fact that our own government has projects being explored by such companies as the Monroe Institute for things like remote viewing and out of body experiences (OBE) as a valid form of reconnaissance, puts some truth in these methods. Also, beings that the Reagan’s consulted their own, private medium, as have the Jeb Bush’s, Clinton’s, Kennedy’s and Roosevelt’s to name a few there is at least an acknowledgment of reality here.

Blessings of Peace,


(1) Ref: Studies of Dr. Ludwig, South Hampton, England


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(2) Lilydale Township,



The Key Ring

The Key Ring

as told to Rev. Dr. D. A. Kjono

during a counseling session and with permission from D.Y., originator


A young boy of only 6 suffered the tragic loss of his father due to a car accident. The night it happened all he knew for certain was “Daddy” didn’t come home from work at his regular time and whatever the men in police uniforms at the door told “Mom” upset her very much.

A short time later Mom took the little boy to the couch and sat quietly with him for a few moments before beginning to speak between sobs and tears.

“Oh, Junior” she began “I don’t know how to make you understand what has happened. You are so young and loved your Daddy so much.”

“What’s the matter Mommy?” he asked. “What did those policemen tell you about Daddy?”

“Junior,” she sobbed, “Daddy has been, well he’s not coming home any more.”

“Huh? You mean like Bobby’s dad when his mom and him got divorced not coming home?”

“Oh no! Not like that Junior, Daddy and I love each other, and you, very, very much! Daddy was in an accident in the car, and, well, ah, he didn’t make it Junior. Daddy died in the accident.” She mumbled and then began to weep uncontrollably holding her precious little man in her arms.

Over the next few days there was a heavy air in the home that the lady and young man now occupied alone. Every now and then “Mom” would just stop and break down in tears as she cooked dinner or fussed with the laundry. Everyday seemed to bring something to mind that made the man’s presence still very much real to her.

The young boy knew there was a big difference in how things felt around the house yet due to his youth he really didn’t understand it all. Every so often he just knew he heard his Dad’s sports car pull in the driveway and he would race to the window just knowing he’d be there waving to him from the driver’s seat as he often did when coming home from work.

The funeral passed and days turned into weeks that in turn faded into months and years. As the young boy grew up into an adult he grew ever closer to his mother who never felt the urge to have another man in her life. Over the years the house had become a shrine to the memory of his father and many pictures, flowers and framed sayings from different sources now cluttered all available space on shelves and fireplace mantle. The only effort the young man ever saw towards healing was out of necessity his mother had gone back to work to keep up with the house and feed them both.

“Dad’s” car keys hung on the hallway key rack and were shiny from the many times they both flicked them as the passed by. An arched groove marked the wall from all the swinging back and forth the small set of keys had etched into the surface. The “BMW” emblem that identified the key ring made both mother and son smile as the ignition key actually belonged to a ragged old Chevy that had been actually been Grandpa’s at one time.

As the young man prepared to go off to college he took the key ring down from it’s hook and asked Mom if he could take it with him as a memento for his dorm room. After a long conversation and much hesitation she gave in to his seemingly small request and even though Junior had proven his trustworthiness many times over the years she had to add “Please, please don’t let anything happen to this key ring!”

“I won’t Mom! You know it means as much to me as it does you!” the young man answered. “I just would like to have something of Dad’s with me while I’m away.”

At college, the ritual of flicking the key ring as he entered his dorm room continued and several times he had startled friends when they would take the ring down and ask about it. Carefully placing it back on its hook each time he would tell the story of his Dad’s key ring and the old Chevy he had been killed in. All too often he heard the same words; ”If it had been a Beamer, he might have survived.”

Graduation came and went and Junior fell into the routine of work and finally met a gal of his fancy. At the wedding Mom went through the paces but fell into distraught tears as she remembered the day Dad and her said their vows. As the grandchildren came along she would often reminisce about Junior when he was little and then compared the grand kids to his growing up years.

When the eldest granddaughter was accepted at a prestigious East Coast College she stood before Junior, key ring in hand and asked if she could take it to her dorm room as a memento of the Grandpa she never knew. Something inside her just told her it was the right thing to do. The ritual of flicking the keys became a part of her routine as she came and went from her room.

One cold winter day as she sat studying a quiet knock came at her door and as she opened it she was ever so surprised to see her old mechanical engineering professor standing at the door. As she swung the door wide open he held up a text book and said “I think you’ll need this if you want to pass tomorrow’s test young lady!” They both laughed and proceeded into small talk. As the professor turned to go on his way, something caught his eye.

“Hehe!” he snickered. “Your key chain reminds of someone in my past!”

“Oh those aren’t mine Professor, they belonged to my grandfather who I never knew,” she quipped, “just something to remind me of home while I’m here.”

“Hmm, interesting.” The professor remarked. “The man those keys remind of never actually had a BMW, rather, he drove an old domestic car. A Chevy if I remember right! I worked with him shortly after my college days, long before being offered my position here. We always laughed about the possibilities of willing things into reality. I never kept in contact with him much after he left for a better job.”

Upon further conversation it was determined that the Grandfather and co-worker where in fact the same person. Not only was this chance crossing of paths between professor and student and his coming to her dorm room something of curiosity but the legacy of an individual shared by both. Boy! Did she have something grand to tell “Dad” and “Grandma” her next visit home!

The point, or moral if you will to this story is we just never know what our future holds or how our past may reflect on someone else. It doesn’t have to be a sensational event that people share or experience to have meaning and add value to our future moments. It can be as mundane as key ring!

Make each moment in life, something of Life!

Blessings Be,

“Reverend Al”