about The Rev

“Reverend Al”

I live in the Central Valley of my native state of California with my wife Kay and we live in a comfortable home with our three cats  and a good number of strays. We have 3 sons and a daughter who are “all growed up and furred over” living on their own with their families across the state. Grandchildren to date are two and we’re certain more are forthcoming.

Even though my official title is “Rev. Dr. D.A. Kjono” I much prefer “Reverend Al” in any responses. I am very relaxed about formalities. I’ve started this Blog in response to the current wave of mis-information concerning contemporary religious and secular views of our existence here on Terra Firma.

I don’t know what the answer is concerning the reality of a Supreme Being, Creator or “God”, regardless of how one chooses to address that title. I simply know this: There is a Consciousness in the Universe (Multiverses) that is beyond our human scope of comprehension. Whether she/he/it created all that there is or it simply evolved from a singular event, I don’t have any hard, fact based evidence to share with you on that.

All I am sure of is that mythologies, spiritual and religious beliefs all originated in Truth at one point along the Journey of the Ages and I firmly believe that the commonalities of these many accounts far outweigh the differences. I do not believe any one religious theology is more perfect than another, any more than I believe one people/ethnicity is more deserving or above another.

So while we each explore our Beliefs let’s share our Faith and experiences that something out there is indeed greater than what we can comprehend. All I ask is that we are respectful towards each other as we do so.

As I said in my opening statement, I’m informal, however I hold a Doctorates of Religious Humanities and have been an Ordained Minister for a number of years. I also hold a degree in Comparative Religions and have been a named a Fellow of a historical Society since 2000. Being that I am in my mid-50’s and still learning, I am currently working on several theological discoveries as well as a higher secular education(s).

If you would care to contact me personally you may do so through: reverend_al@hotmail.com and please be patient, due to varying amounts of e-mail from week to week it may take a few days for a reply to be given.

Blessings of Peace and Wassail,


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