Health, Well-being and Comfort of All Life on Planet Earth

Reverend Al Kjono  October 2015

Some times I think we humans forget that we are not the only Life-Forms on this planet. We routinely come up with things that aid in our comfort or well-being, but cause harm to other life around us. Paper manufacturing kills trees, meat consumption kills cattle, sonar safety of our marine vessels disturbs and/or kills several types of marine mammals. Granted some of these examples have been our way of life for millennia and are possibly necessary to some degree…. or….are they?

I don’t think it matters if we desire to build a tree house in our back yard, construct a 100 story building in downtown Chicago or give away free energy to the masses. We need to consider…

Consider all life on this planet since we are not the only one. We routinely do environmental impact studies on building projects so why don’t we do so on everything, not necessarily by drafting a law or mandate, but by our own volition, our own moral and ethical standard?

Not every idea is a good idea. Just because a new method of manufacturing seems like an advancement, is it in reality? I mean several automobile makers were struggling with a make or break comeback in the 70’s. Are you really telling me the Gremlin™, Vega™, Pinto™ and Pacer™ were honestly the “best” engineers at their respective plants could conceive?

I’ve talked about ‘personal responsibility’ until I’m blue in the face it seems. So far myself and others of like mind have been scoffed at and laughed out of the blogs. I’ve even been told I might as well give up trying to change anyone’s mind as people are out for themselves and could care less about others. Somehow I don’t fully accept that thinking.

It’s so simple, whether it’s a title or raise at work, a design or invention that creates massive change, a concept of philosophy that alters history or merely causes one person to grow, it doesn’t matter as long as the idea keeps all Life in its best interest. If everybody were to think of everything else before acting out their own desires we could have World Peace, end hunger and homelessness as well as raise the consciousness of life on Earth. It just takes thinking of others as much as we think of Self.

Try it, the results could change your Life forever!

Blessings of Peace,


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