One Reason I Believe As I Do….

Its been an interesting read going through all the pro-democracy talk and enforcement of equal right s for everyone during the start of Presidential Election debates. Interesting indeed.

But beyond politics, there was another article that struck a chord with me. Part of the reason this particular article struck such a chord with me personally was having neighbors in Humboldt who attempted to have their influence and will dictated against me and my will. The whole issue was over the “Welcome” painted on stones bordering my property and a public road…clearly 10 feet inside my property line mind you.

The previous owner of the property had build a knee high stone wall along the front of my property. After spending several days cleaning debris from that area I power washed the stone and decided each top stone would be perfect for me to write “Welcome” in alternating forms of runes, German, English, Swedish and Norwegian. The local Elder of the Jehovah Witness, that lived at the end of our public road took great offense. He was convinced the wording was a “Satanic spell” meant to disrupt the usually peaceful neighborhood.

Despite numerous “No Soliciting”, “No Trespassing” and “Private Property” signs along our long driveway (my house was about 150 yards from road) the JW Elder and a following of 6-8 members showed up relentlessly for several days demanding I paint over the “spell”. He even had some deacon like person – a supposed ‘expert’ in cults- show me a book with runes depicted as “pagan cult symbols” and therefor my greeting was nothing more than “witchcraft” meant to ward off “Good Christian people”.

Long story short the sheriff got involved and let them know the law. Not only was there no threat to anyone, my stone fence was on private property…end of subject. A few days later I caught two young men, which I presumed were JW’s, painting out my greeting. Fair is fair, I had them cited for vandalism. I later found out they had been hired by the JW Elder and thought the land/fence was his. I have no idea of they took him to small claims to get their fines recovered even though I suggested they do so.

This created an uneasiness of neighbor against neighbor for months…all because of religious intolerance. But of course, only the non-religious saw it that way. For three years this issue waxed and waned until I moved to Maui. The last time I drove past the property, the entire stone fence was gone.

Let us keep religion where it belongs, in the associated houses of worship and hearts of believers…after all, isn’t that what the rest of us do with our beliefs?

Intolerance is an evil of its own making. It warps truth and distracts from intent. Many of us believe in intent being the Universal Energy that drives humanity. What is more evil than intentionally forcing someone to believe the same way you do? Not because your holy book says it’s right, or that is what your calling should be, but because the institution behind most religion claim it to be right for them, wrong for us to rebel against it.

That is human desire and coercion, not God’s or The Creator, All Father, The One, The Source…the whatever label you put on the Supreme. Allow others to believe as they will and I fairly certain they will allow you to as well.

Blessings of Peace,


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