It is Up To Us

Blue Avians…I’m not certain what the truth is, but it is not blue birdlike humanoids.

There is so much speculation, dis-information, media blitz and sensationalism regarding just about every topic or subject. I could reference literally hundreds, but anyone half Aware of the world knows what I mean.

I would like to stick more closely to the latest media sensation of the Galactic Alliance, “League of 90”, ET Alliance and several other monikers I believe all point to the same group of extraterrestrials, not the Blue Avians(1). First of all, yes, absolutely, 100%; I believe there are other sentient, intelligent beings throughout the Universe and many in number. Second of all, I do believe at some point in the past or present they have indeed been here to planet Earth.

Are these two beliefs I share with many good folk validated by hard core fact? Well, perhaps. As to there being other intelligent species throughout the Universe I think the better question is “How can there not be?” Billions of light years from one end of the known universe to somewhere towards the middle, and in all that…we are the only ones? Poppycock! That’s as believable to me as someone trying to convince me there are no flies at waste disposal sites. Shear poppycock, bull-corn, mule fritters, there has to be other sentient life out there.

There has been a recent media blitz regarding information from a self proclaimed psy-ops whistle blower that has mentioned numerous levels of aliens beings, some much like ourselves, some very different and some of an avian classification. While there is much controversy(2) regarding these “Blue Avians” I really don’t think it matters who believes what about these beings…existing or not, been here or not.

The entire debate boils down to whether or not, we as a humanoid species on planet Earth, are ready physically, mentally and spiritually to join with the rest of the Universal Beings. That’s my own name for however many, few, humanoid or not; intelligent, sentient beings there are out there. UB’s for short.

I think one of the most creative minds in the 20th century brought our joining such a federation of UB’s to light in a meaningful manner. Of course, I refer to Gene Roddenberry and his then futuristic TV show Star Trek. This was one of humanity’s first looks into what sci-fi had determined the alien leagues might look like and how these societies might interact with our own.

Many of these UB civilizations had to learn the lessons of our “Federation” brand of moralistic, ethical human behavior. Kirk and the crew routinely broke our own rules in order to get the UB’s to understand how uncivilized or barbaric they were. Really? Us show them ethical and moralistic behavior? Well it was science fiction at its best. However, one episode that comes to mind did express this idea very well. It was even updated in the later “Next Generation” series

Several spin off ideas from THX1138 to Logan’s Run expanded on the concept. But in this particular Star Trek episode; the civilization was fit, healthy, aged gracefully and everyone conformed to the letter of the “Law Givers” without question. No one had broken the rules in anyone’s memory and life simply had no mistakes or upsets of any kind for these folks. Each individual stuck to the rules and never questioned the source of those rules because it was a utopian society. And isn’t ‘utopia’ what each of us desires?

So, What does any of this have to do with Blue, Purple, Green or Red Avians? Reptilian, aquatic, mineral based or what have you humanoids? Well, in my mind, everything.

From the original Star Trek to Next Generation, Voyager and Deep Space 9, Kirk, Picard, Janeway and Sisko, respectively, all adamantly expressed the need to follow the Star Fleet Prime Directive of the United Federation to the letter…

The Prime Directive, used in four of the five Star Trek-based series, prohibits Starfleet personnel from interfering with the internal development of alien civilizations. This conceptual law applies particularly to civilizations which are below a certain threshold of technological, scientific and cultural development; preventing starship crews from using their superior technology to impose their own values or ideals on them.(3)

Logically speaking, whether or not this is sci-fi based episodic dialog or not; Does this not make certain sense? Would not such a logical, equality based, ethical and moralistic code be something that any federation or conglomerate, of any intelligent species, expect? Wouldn’t their ‘prime directive’ be something of similar design and concept?

In summary then, while I fully believe in advanced cultures, intelligent species and highly moralistic beings of pure Light; Would they be coming to us; or waiting for us to mature to their standard of acceptance for alliance? If they have the capability to come here I would think so. It took us four decades just to reach the edge of our own solar system(4) and have barely scratched the surface of inter-planetary travel. I think it will be awhile before we even come close to the technology needed to be acknowledged by ET’s as viable contenders for contact let alone equals.

On a moralistic level we are much farther from contact.

Going back to the Star Trek episode I mentioned above, wouldn’t it be up to us to achieve a certain level of moral and ethical behavior to be considered by an advanced civilization for contact and possible alliance? This is where I fully agree with a compatriot and friend and his view of our “savior”, our “messiah”, as it were, is no one but ourselves. Each and every one of us individually as well as a whole species.

Until all of humanity’s plights and blights are wiped out of our thinking we have no business entering into league with any advanced alien civilization. Each and every one of us is responsible for “First Contact” and it must be heart felt as a whole. No more can war, segregation, famine, greed and numerous other societal ilks be what small groups focus on as humanitarian aid. The problems can and must be eliminated prior to us having any hope of joining with our Galactic Brothers and Universal Beings.

We are our own “saviors” and until every one gets that simple message and does everything within their own right to act right, until “Do only that which is Right!” becomes Earth’s slogan, not just the ULC’s(5), we don’t stand a chance of getting the big golden invitation to join the Universal party.

Peace be upon you! May you enjoy health, prosperity and contentment! When we can all embrace, as well as volunteer, such a statement, truly good and stupendous things will happen.

Blessings of Peace,



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  1. Hello vikingreverend —

    “Blue Avians” — hmmmm . . . very recently — in fact, in the last few days — there have been words of caution coming from different voices — one of them being Alfred Webber.

    I’ve been trying to trace back where this information is originating and as far as I can find it originates from a single place — (the article is dated March 28, 2015) That was about a year since the very first interview with Corey by Project Avalon took place.

    Like so many people, this guy talks as if he is sure of something but actually we have no real way of confirming that — as far as I know.

    Anyhow, I thought it was interesting that he associates “Blue Avians” with a specific black-ops mind-control program used upon illuminati slaves in the SSP and Super-soldier programs. Now . . . how he supposedly knows that, or found out about it . . . who knows? Or — maybe he is a paid disinformation agent? Its all speculation, eh?

    Corey Goode himself fully admits that he has been mind-controlled and programmed — sometimes by what appears to me to be Project Monarch MKUltra methods using electroshocks and violence as well as the injecting of various forms of screen memories and mind-altering drugs.

    Corey fully fits the profile of a person who as undergone intensive mind-control since the age of six when he was first kidnapped into the SSP and carefully enhanced, created, educated, entrained, brain-washed and dry cleaned to belong fully to the PTBs and be 100% sure to follow orders and carry forth the duties assigned to him no matter what.

    He feels that he is carrying out an important mission on behalf of all humanity.

    This is a kind of “programmed psychosis?”

    This entire “Cosmic Disclosure” media event, by the way, is him (and others also reportedly in the SSP) carrying out orders. These people are in no way going against their commanding officers. They were ordered to “go out and tell the public what they know.” Yes — and that is exactly what they are doing.

    The problem is this: just how much of what they “know” is truly reality and how much has been programmed into their consciousness? We really do not know, eh?

    David Wilcock seems to think that because his other “inside informants” have matched much of Corey’s information, that it means Corey is vetted and bonified. NO. All it means is — that quite possiblely ALL of the participants in that government secret-ops program have received the SAME mind-control program? That makes sense to me . . . doesn’t it?

    He comes across as confident, eloquent, sure of himself, lucid, completely truthful (he fully believes every word he is saying — and that is confirmed by voice-print analysis) and gives details upon details which other so-called “whistle-blowers” from the SSP have done — sometimes, interestingly, pharasing certain things precisely as others have done in the very same words. That’s a little spooky to say the least.

    Well . . . there is no doubt that there is indeed a government psy-ops underway — but — like all psy-ops, in order to have any success, it must be packaged in a form which at least a certain large group of people recognize as probably true. And it is. That angle has been fully covered. It is aimed toward those who have been following the UFO/ETI phenomena and all things related to it. And that includeds many highly respected researchers and even those who have become recognized as “experts” — even though, really, there is no such thing in this paranormal and multidimensional subject.

    Bottom line . . . YOU must exercise your own talent for energetic discernment if you want to really comprehend what is happening here and why such an expensive and coordinated efforts (obviously long-planned) are being foisted upon the mass-consiousness of humanity at this time.

    Peace be to all!



  2. Yes indeed, we are in fact our own saviors! Thanks for the info Nestingwave, appreciate the support!

    Blessings of Peace,


  3. Yes . . . we are our own saviors. However . . . we are not and have never been “alone” in this spiritual battle. Yes . . . we must assume responsibility for our own state of being . . . but . . . at the same time . . . we have had many messengers come to this world to help us along, including Jesus Christ and Buddha and from the angelic realm, the Light Forces.

    You mentioned the “Prime Directive” in Star Trek. In that series they were always right at the edge of breaking that “Prime Directive” and actually did so many times when the situation called for it morally. It was not an “absolute” law but a basic directive in order to best give leeway for humanity to discover what their responsibility is. I believe this conveyed the truth of the situation.

    Our “helpers” are indeed intervening — but as little as possible because only we can assume the responsibility to change the collective consciousness. We do that by each one of us personally learning how to take charge of our own thinking.

    We must realize how incredibly powerful we really are — but, at the same time, we are being encouraged every step of the way by analogical examples (parables, if you will) . . . over and over again . . . until we overcome our fears and begin to exercise our Love, Power and Sound MInds. And here — as this age of slavery and human depravity begins to disintegrate — it is because many human beings are starting to get it.


  4. And just to be absolutely clear….

    “Blue Avians…I’m not certain what the truth is, but it is not blue birdlike humanoids.”…again NOT what he claimed

    “First of all, yes, absolutely, 100%; I believe there are other sentient, intelligent beings throughout the Universe…..not the Blue Avians.”

    In re-reading the comment to my above article I think it may sound like I support the possibility of Mr. Goode’s proposal. To be completely clear on the matter…I do NOT.

    Thanks again for everyone’s support.

    Blessings of Peace,


  5. Amen and amen


  6. Amen and amen


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