We Cant Fix It…unless…

Name the issue: ISIS, Israel, poaching, archaeological artifact theft, over population, pollution, climate change, drought, war, politics, disease, religious indifference and on and on and on.

Everyone from the smallest, poorest and weakest of us to the largest, wealthiest and most powerful have perceived solutions…some will work, most wont. It’s been said that apathy causes the most harm when it comes to our societal ilks and that is partly true but I feel strongly it’s more than that.

Two issues really tick me off above and beyond all others: Animal cruelty and religious intolerance.

If a person wishes to get me off on a tangent, lets start debating the finer points of either topic. I feel a person who willfully harms a defenseless animal should suffer so greatly my exact thoughts would be far too graphic for a public blog. Same goes for those who think they have the singular answer to what “God” is and how s/he/it feels about humanity.

So, rather than blather on and on about things I really can’t do much about, let me just say we can all accomplish great things if we each pick the one or two issues that displease us the most and actively work for change in those areas of social ilk. We can be sympathetic to many, but stretched to thin does no one issue the most good.

Add an issue that you’d seek to make changes in your comments below. I’d like to get folks of like minded problem solving together.

Blessings of Peace,


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