Why So Secret? (The Loyal Order of EAUQ’S)

I spent nearly a year in Sweden to complete my gild studies at the University of Uppsala and working the archaeological digs at Sigtuna and Birka while under the mentoring of a gild “Drighten” (like a Vice Pres, Assoc. Pastor – in ‘rank’ or title) as my focus was runic divination. While the divination of runes is a very hotly contested realm in academia, those within the inner circles of the Higher Gilds, are privy to an enormous amount of materials found nowhere outside of these institutions. “Gilds” have been in existence since early civilization and require apprenticeships through intense practical application of one’s chosen field.

Probably the most well known is that of the “Masons”, “Stone Masons” or “Free Masons” the latter of which goes back to the pharaohic period of ancient Egypt. The runic divination gild I am a

Fellow of has roots going back to around 450BCE, though many links and diverted twists and turns along the path have made the exact date of inception unknown to contemporary “erulians” or “rune-casters”.”

I was introduced to The Loyal Order of EAUQ’s (Erulian, Ásatrú and Universalist Questers) in 1970 as a young high school student seeking my fame in the art world. My art teacher heard I was Nordic, as was he, and over time asked if would be interested in learning “the real” history of the runes and Vikings. Thus began my esoteric journey into things unknown to others.

Over the following 20 years I studied under various Drightens, basically like a professor or high status officer trained in runic divination. In public domains and academia “runic divination” is but a load of nonsense because there is no direct physical evidence that the runic alphabet was used for anything but chiseling glyphs on stone monuments. In the public academic resources there isn’t much evidence to refute this claim, nor do we Vitkis, Drightens or even many Erulian care…we know the origins of our devotion. There are numerous codex and scrolls in the possession of the Elders that go back millennium which is all the proof we need albeit secret.

The Loyal Order of EAUQ’s is just one group of several dozen that still exist in the traditions of the ancients. Our more public allies, the rune gilds that are popular all over the world are a wonderful place for Good and True Folk to begin their journey. Advancing is completely up to the individual and how persistent they are in gaining information. Edred Thorsson of the US Rune-Gild has written numerous books with extremely valid information regarding the runes. Of all authors, few besides him give factual accounts and historical information about the runes. Nearly all other source are pure speculation on the part of the writer in order to sell books.

Historically, rune staves were always carved on wood according the Hávamál stanzas 138-146 therefor we have very few remaining artifacts from many archaeological digs across Scandinavia and Europe. Crystal, bake-lite or other mineral type “rune-stones” may be a fancy modern construct but have no historical value, meaning or power what-so-ever. Without falling too far from my intended topic here, The EAUQ’s along with the Order of Oden, the US and European Rune-Gilds are among the few organizations that offer true historical runic divination training to the aspiring Erulian.

Due to the esoteric (hidden) nature of these groups, little, if any, information is found via the “all knowing” internet. Runa-Raven Press is a good start for reading material but access to the Gilds or even more elusive groups must follow the ancient rites of introduction, apprenticeships and years of hard study. The Edda and Poetic Edda are among the very first books one should familiarize themselves with when beginning their runic journey.

My greatest recommendation is stick to historical truth regarding the runes and your path will draw you to evidence you need to understand in greater depth. The runic path is not an easy one to gain full knowledge, but once a person does, it’s a PhD in cosmic understanding!

Blessings of Peace,



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