by Felbain

June 1996/Updated February 2014

 Becoming in the runic theosophy is something quite different than what you may perceive its meaning to be in a traditional sense. To Become in runic realms is a process of evolution development and is dynamic in every manner. In this definition, knowledge, observation and critical thinking make a person become. It is one thing to simply read and study manuscripts, texts and other resources to gain new knowledge, but Becoming involves not only these academic traits, but experiential ones as well.

Having a well versed background in Nordic history, its associations to Teutonic/Germanic culture and historical references and how the Nordics interacted with the rest of the world is all part of the dynamic evolution of one’s Becoming within any Ásatrú organization. Naturally, nearly all of this educational enhancement comes from static studying of written material as unfortunately we have no way, yet, in which to go back in time and experience things first hand. Of course, visiting places of historical significance, libraries and museums are all ways in which to get a hands on look at our Nordic past.

Personal experiences, and mindful evaluations of events that have happened to our ancestors as well, is of course the most dynamic manner for which we can gain insights into our Self. Nothing supersedes personal, first hand experiences when it comes to our Becoming anything. The criteria for each aspect or level of awareness we seek is naturally a personal choice, but the Erulian should be well verse in all areas of knowledge concerning our Nordic/Germanic (or Teutonic) culture.

The historical background of your blood lineage should be of the utmost importance to you as well as the contemporary view and how that culture fits into the world today, regardless of what it may have been in the past.

The academic contributions to societies around the globe should be of significance in all areas of mathematics, geography and literature. This does not mean you must become a professor of any particular study, but you should have at minimum a rudimentary understanding of higher learning and how it influences your everyday life.

Naturally an in-depth knowledge of the rune-staves is the primary function of the Vitki, Erulian or even simple Runester. “Reyn til Runa!” or to “seek the mystery of the runes” is above all else the most focused area of Becoming for the Erulian. For the historian, geologist, archaeologist, chemist, engineer, doctor, lawyer, mathematician or whatever other profession one should choose, it goes without saying that a focused education in those areas will be your criteria for Becoming.

No matter what particular area you wish to incorporate your expertise, as all are fundamentally important, Becoming in the Odhinnist Tradition is far more than simply taking and passing examinations. Becoming is based mostly on physical interactions and personal observations then processing those experiences into a cohesive format and expressing them in such a manner as to be able to adequately pass your understandings on to others.

Becoming is experiencing things first hand, evaluation of those experiences and advancing your theories and summaries of your evaluations into a intelligible series of physical examples for others. When you have sufficiently experienced a great number of circumstances, events and ordeals, first hand, you are well on your way to Becoming whatever it is you wish to be. This manner of directing one’s Self is dynamically different from many of other traditional forms of higher education.

There are many occupations thriving today that are merely the result of a vicarious series of checks and balances, tests and dissertations that require little more than books and the Internet in order to be given a degree and held in esteem by one’s peers. There is certainly nothing wrong with that approach to life for the uninitiated and unassuming types of people who expect little out of Living. The Gilder, EAUQian, Modern Age Viking, Quester, Erulian or any number of associated types of individuals would rather be given the Blood-Eagle or Raven’s Wings execution than to be so well separated from the world at large.

In the case of the Erulian or Runic Vitki, it is not enough to simply understand the runes and all the traditions and history that go along with them, it is being the mystery behind the rune-staves. It is to hang with Odhinn upon Yggdrasil for all of nights nine and fall back roaring with the bloody, sweaty, grueling knowledge dripping from one’s brow.

Becoming is a hands on, first accounting and personal experience Goal in the Asatru Life. In the Nordic/Germanic/Teutonic manner of “Old Ways” thinking, anything less is merely existing and struggling for survival each and every dismal day the sun comes up! Becoming is more than having knowledge, is it being knowledge.




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