What is REALLY Going On in Syria?

What is REALLY Going On in Syria?

by Viking Reverend

September 6, 2013

I’d like to start by saying I am not the only person around the blogs sites that is a bit fed up with the public mass for buying into the hype coming out of Washington, D.C. over this recent issue in Syria. “80% of those polled support President Obama’s call to action”….are you kidding me???

Sadly it is just the latest round of mule fritters being served steamy hot with copious amounts of self serving “Illumi-berger” gravy. If you aren’t aware by now that the “D.C.” after Washington is an acronym for “Deceit Central”, please, I implore you to wake up to this fact.

Recently I discussed at length my horror and dismay over our continued involvement over the bogus “War on Terror” with a colleague in the battle against the War Mongers of Earth. While it’s no surprise we both agree on the heinous acts carried out by what Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claimed was a “rebel attack” and Rebels claim was an “atrocity by Assad’s henchmen”, the bottom line is hundreds of Syrian civilians are dead by a most terrifying means.

In one of my colleague’s and my latest e-mail exchanges we agreed on the bobble minded talking heads of Media simply ‘doing their job’ by taking the “official” stance. This is something we’ve both been aware of for many years and yet this past few years it has gotten to the point of shear lunacy thinking even the Sleepy Mass can swallow their tripe. Rather than extrapolate a few “buzz words” I’d rather present the majority of his response to me so that context is also present.

You said — I want to help get this message out as to how bogus the media is in reporting truth about important issues such as this one that could potentially escalate things in the Middle East.

My view about that is — if someone doesn’t know by now that they are being inundated with a continual load of the foulest (bovine excrement) — they will NEVER know because they are squeezing their eyes shut — have both fore-fingers inserted into each ear — and are vigorously shaking their head while loudly shouting NO NO NO NO trying to drown out the blatant obvious truth.
In that case — you might as well bag it.
And — here is the fact about all the whaddabout thises and the whaddabout thatses including the present “crises” — which is scaring the crap out of all sane people with even a tiny shred of conscience.
Through the carefully engineered media blitz of go-get-em war mongering — there is so much secret hidden subterfuge — purposefully created mythos — highly complicated maneuverings — chaotic misinformation — purposeful disinformation — total manipulation of public opinion on every side — so many complex hidden overtones — hidden sneakiness — bribery — secret contracts — wanton greed and avarice — and — of course their Almighty God of $$$ $$$– that all we can really say is that — well — its just
business as usual — except — this time round it is being done out of complete frustration and suicidal despair.
You see — these tyrants and their minions actually
WANT THE TOTAL FIERY ARMAGEDDON OF WORLD WAR THREE which they have long panted after while deceiving themselves that they are lending a “helping hand” to their insane “God”of Forces and Chaos.
But — this is NOT allowed because such blind and ignorant foolishness contains dire Cosmic consequences which are completely unforeseen by the perpetrators.
However — this situation may be the pivotal point for the visible emergence (at last) of the New Paradigm.
How much blood will be spilled?
Any more death and violence is already too much — but . . .
This is where WE come in. This is all we can really do — in my opinion.
The time for attempting to “inform” people and wake them up has now come and gone.
Meditate and Pray — and try to do it with others if you are able — we are far more powerful than any of us has ever imagined.
Keep your eye and intention upon the Victory of the Light and do your very best to not succumb to the ever increasing fear — panic — and frantic madness now going on around you — which is being fed and exacerbated by the media agent provocateurs of chaos — fear — confusion — violence and butchery. If it bleeds — it leads.

We really cannot know what is really taking place because it is far far far more complex and complicated than we could ever imagine. There are literally millions of factors effecting this situation and its final outcome.
The whole “reality” grid we have been living for our entire lives is now completely shattering.
Nothing is as it seems to our very very limited sphere of information — which is partial — incomplete — and for that reason — far less than accurate. But what IS absolutely sure and accurate is that within the innermost core of their beings — the people of this world WANT an end to war — violence — slavery — and the ridiculous sectarian hatred — but — they are very frightened at the moment and will react out of fear and panic because many of them know that their very survival is on the line.
Without Divine Intervention all hope would be lost in this most pivotal situ

I have to repeat my colleague’s wonderful advise to any person who is tired of being lied to by media, government and asleep friends: Meditate and Pray — and try to do it with others if you are able — we are far more powerful than any of us has ever imagined.

While many of us who are a bit more Aware than the bovine mass know, there can be a peaceful solution to just about any chaotic incident in the world. Meditation on specific subjects can and will bring about positive change. Now, whether you subscribe to the fact that we have off world allies helping us bring about this end to World Suffering, or you believe that we are in control of our own destiny….it doesn’t matter how you have come to realize there is something terribly wrong going on in this world, just that you truly wish to do something, anything, to help create change.

Whether you prefer to “pray”, “focus energies”, “meditate” or any number of means by which folks can focus on a single thought, let’s do it together. Whether you believe in an alien presence here on Earth or not, whether you subscribe to the Old Ways or not, whether you are Religious or not, regardless of your personal belief system, Change is something any rational person sees as necessary on this planet at this time.

Join me every Sunday evening 7-9pm PDT (-8hrs of Greenwich Mean Time – GMT) in a focused meditation on bringing about change to this current struggle between the Elite and the rest of us.

E-mail me at reverend_al@hotmail.com  for further information by putting “Meditate for Change” in the subject line. We can create change if we but believe we can.

Blessings of Peace,

Update Sept. 9, 2013:

I hope as many of you as possible made it to the meditation hours yesterday. While I would like to believe it was this multi-national meditation, I am thankful for todays headlines! A new survey posted revealed only 1 in 5 support any military action against Syria. Read it here.

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Rev Al,

    The vast tide of opinion of the people — and even top military officers and the enlisted men — is running strongly against Obama’s insane war mongering. Here is one examples prevalent today on Washington’s Blog. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2013/09/12-u-s-intelligence-officials-tell-obama-it-wasnt-assad.html


    When you finish reading this article go to the homepage and you will see SEVERAL articles in the same vein.

    So — if Mr. Obama goes ahead and bombs bombs bombs — he can expect a contingent of well armed military men escorting him away in hand-cuffs.

    This situation is CRITICAL for our country and for the world. First — let me say — THERE WILL BE NO FIERY WORLD WAR THREE — however — we have now entered the time of very shocking geo-political and economic events including the END of Central Banking.

    This — my friends — is the end of this hoax called The United States Incorporated and a return to the Republic and the Constitution given to us by just and honest men with a conscience and some integrity.

    And — it will proceed smoother than anyone can now imagine.

    Peace be upon the earth — and among all beings!



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