A Victory for Those Who Paid the Ultimate Price

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Finally the Veteran’s Administration has come to their senses – even though it may cost them a few cents to implement the new ruling for marking KIA’s grave-site at Arlington or any other VA approved burial plot.

Our beloved Thor’s Hammer – the identifying symbol of most Ásatrú Folk – was approved as one of the now 56 symbols the VA will allow to mark a soldier’s grave.

The story on National Public Radio’s interview with John Brownlee can be heard HERE

The story that broke this news can be found HERE

Fortunately for many active soldiers and veterans who already are familiar with Nordic Mythology and Odhinnism in general, the VA actually acknowledged that Thor’s Hammer is not linked to other form of paganism, such as Wicca, Satanism or Hedonism, and following Teutonic/Germanic Beliefs, stand for the Nine Noble Virtues which is in large part embraced by the majority…

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