Nine Noble Virtues and a Six Fold Goal

One of the most important aspects of being Ásatrú Folk (regardless of which particular group a person subscribes to) is the Ancient or “Old Ways” attributed to the mighty Norse Vikings. This was following a strict code, what has been termed our Nine Noble Virtues. These were the attributes all that were faithful to Odhinn sought out in their every day lives.

The Nine Noble Virtues

Courage – being brave enough to do what is right in all circumstances.

Truth — to always speak what is true to one’s heart and mind.

Honor — one’s inner value towards their endeavors, knowing they are of a good and true nature.

Fidelity — being true to one’s Self and loyal to one’s Folk and mate.

Discipline– the ability to be hard with one’s Self first, and then others. The heartiness to carry out goals and endeavors.

Hospitality– sharing what one has with all Folk, when there is a feast to be had, feast. When there is but bread, break it gladly.

Work Ethic– to joyfully carrying out the tasks of life that support home, family. To be glad and respectful of one’s abilities.

Self-Reliance – to know with heart and mind that one’s Spirit is independent and free among all men.

Perseverance– is the Spirit of success. The ability for one to follow one’s path regardless of failure or success. To learn from mistakes and recognize the progress of a situation.

In addition, this sort of virtuous living also accompanied a desire, or more correctly a set of Goals each Norseman chose to do their best to obtain. These Goals are;

Six Fold Goal

Wisdom is associated with the god Woden. Wisdom administers to us the secrets of our souls and it has the ability to withstand all manners of forces against it.

Right is associated with the god Tiw. It is the justice of our laws, ethics, and canons. It is rational above all else.

Harvest is a product of the Wanes. Harvest is our benefit of the Cycle of Things, the cycles of seasons, stars and knowledge.

Might is associated with Thor/Thunnar. It is the embodiment of Right and Wisdom in physical expression and must serve the Harvest and Frith.

Frith is associated with the god Frey and goddess Freyja. Frith is a true state of inward peace. A knowing of Self and the ability to represent one’s true Self to others at all times.

Love is the goal of living. Love is the act of the lust for life. Love is the combination of all the other truths and is the bond between them.

If you are not already doing so, learn and live these Truths and see what Life brings you. You will be amazed each day you do!

Blessings of Peace,


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