Post Cards to Thomas the Doubter

I fully well realize this does not come from any academically accepted source, however, how do we know for absolute certainty that 1.) Thomas did not have brother who knew about alternative events to those written in Genesis 5&6 2.) that Noah and family were in fact the only survivors of what may have been little more than localized event?

Read it as humor, or as sincere commentary, but just enjoy reading it!

Blessings of Peace,

Reverend Al

From “Post Cards to Thomas the Doubter from his brother, Jay Hoevah, the other witness:

d6:21Dugg was one of the many people who knew Noah. Dugg provided for Noah during the two years and one hundred seventy four days it took him to build the Ark. Noah’s son’s helped somewhat, but Dugg was he who best provided for the master in his work.

d6:22Before the days when Noah began building the Ark under God’s command, Dugg was a farmer and also tended to a small flock of sheep. Dugg and his wife Shoval begat two sons, Spaed and Raek and two daughters Tine and Plowa. d6:23 Upon Dugg’s land were also several indentured slaves and their families. His first-freeman was Furl, who had completed his seven year servitude obligation to Dugg, but at the urging of Furl’s wife Sael, stayed upon Dugg’s land for shelter, food and safety.

d6:24 When came the day that God so let the clouds burst forth the mighty rains, Dugg had approached Noah for passage upon the Ark. “Yea, I tell you truly Dugg, YHWH has not commandeth me so that you should be among those saved by the Ark! Be well and stay dry good friend!”

d6:25 Rather than be dismayed at Noah, Dugg gathered his family and those of his slaves and all his flocks and ventured forth into the hills. Higher did they quest forth, day upon day and night upon night until at the end of 20 days did they find themselves atop the highest mountain. d6:26 The rains came down and the waters did rise until only the very top of the mountain did raise forth from the mighty waters.

d6:27 Upon the forty and first day of rain did come a sign of clear skies and rainbow didst appear and slowly did the waters recede. Many sheep had they slaughtered for sustenance and they feared they might expire before the land became dry. d6:28 So upon seeing a lone white dove pass over head did Furl take his sling and strike the fowl from the air that they might eat of it. d6:29 Several days did pass when again Furl’s sling did provide yet another dove.

d6:30 When more days had passed the whirring of the sling did sound and dove did fall into the top branches of a lone olive tree. Then had Sael almost grasped the white dove, but nay, it did regain itself and fly back whence it had come. d6:31 Upon seeing the waters had regressed greatly did they not fear as Dugg then put to knife the last two sheep and they eateth well and were sorely grateful for all God had provided.


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