The 9/11 Bushwacking of A Terrible Day

The 9/11 Bushwacking of A Terrible Day

By. Orbus Lange

August 29, 2011

 Anyone who watched the President Bush documentary-interview on National Geographic Channel last night, might have been sorely disappointed that more answers were not given concerning the events that unfolded before a horrified nation on September 11, 2001. But in all honesty, what else could we expect from the alleged mastermind of a terrorist plot against America?

There were a number of footnotes to this interview, that read more like a diary entry than anything factual. Many things said all but contradicted previous statements given by “GW” and other White House staff in the past. Between the time of the attacks, during the investigation into 9/11, then the release of the 9/11 Commission Report and finally Mr. Bush’s interview with Matt Lauer last November it seems the story, like a good fairy tale, evolved.

During the broadcast last night I was glad to have the ability to record it as there times my wife and I had to sit in utter silence and reflect while other times we had to hit ‘Pause’ due to our uproarious laughter. Yet other times we had to comment on the clear cut contradictions that seemed to flow like the icy waters of a babbling brook off one of the world’s glaciers. The remarks were cold and cut into our skin as we watched and listened in disbelief.

The accounting of the ride, at 11:45 a.m. from Air Force One to a secure area on Barksdale AFB in Louisiana was one of those moments. Mr. Bush said he was a bit worried about the speed at which they were traveling across the base and told the young driver “Slow down! Al-Queda ain’t behind us!” This was in stark contrast to comments he wrote out at 12:20 p.m. for his press release a bit later in the day which he scribbled “…America has been attacked by a faceless aggressor…” Small slip or confused fact?

Hours later in the day when the presidential entourage had returned to the White House Mr. Bush spoke of his restlessness and inability to focus on anything but the “suffering of the American people”. Then, at 8:45 p.m. as he and the First Lady were preparing to settle in for the night the Secret Service burst into their room “whisking them away” to the PEOC, the command bunker located under the the White House. He gave the account of how an Air Force F-16 had the “wrong transponder setting on and we all thought that might be the final plane.”   The final plane?

By this time two planes had hit and fell the twin towers, another had allegedly hit the Pentagon and a fourth airliner had been heroically crashed in Pennsylvania by patriotic passengers. So four planes had already met their doom and then almost 10 hours later the president is worried about a final plane? This also brought back recollections of watching the “Conspiracy Theory” show with Gov. Jesse Ventura last year and the speculations that a fifth plane may have been involved due to erratic behavior by a Delta 767 flight that seemed to disappear in the confusion of grounding all air traffic on September 11.

The minor instances I pointed out above are just that, minor instances and are but a fraction of the total number of side-stepped accounts during this program. President Bush at many times during the taping couldn’t even look into the camera as he spoke and his body language alone would convict the average citizen of high-treason if they were unfortunate enough to be in such a position. Even 10 years ago questions abounded as to why he remained at an elementary school during a national crisis and few of us buy into his statement of not wanting to “upset grieving children.” Children that, by the way, were completely unaware of anything happening and even if they did could not fully comprehend the impact of such actions in the first place.

Does a simple slip of the tongue indicate guilt? No, not always, but as we’ve learned from the events of 9/11 there has never been a clear cut, cleanly executed, facts on the table accounting from all of those in charge on that day. The president admitted again last night that lack of communications had him “very frustrated”, the orders to shoot down civilian planes, if necessary, had not been given by the proper chain of command and that many mistakes were made by a military that is supposedly the best in the world. This doesn’t give a person the warm and fuzzy feeling of comfort we’d expect concerning another attack in the future.

Conspiracy theorist and high level government officials alike are very concerned about things like black-boxes from the Twin Towers wreckage never having been recovered while witnesses claim to have seen FBI officials taking them away. The lack of physical evidence of airliner wreckage and security video of a missile, not 757, hitting the pentagon has these same people still questioning what really happened.

The president being told the “second plane has hit the towers” during his reading session in the classroom when in 2001 he was supposedly unaware of any attack until after he was in the classroom. His account last night blatantly contradicted the previous time line. So besides a few minor slips of the tongue there remains far more questions than answers for myself, the American people and those in government that at least say they care.

I’m quite certain we will never be allowed to know the truth of who was really behind the 9/11 disasters, but we do know what happened. Nearly 3,000 people lost their lives that day under suspicious circumstances to say the least. What makes this tragedy even worse is that it took nearly a decade to finally apprehend the supposed ring-leader of those responsible for those American deaths and thousands more around the globe in the years since 9/11. The icing on the cake and cherry in the whip cream for me is that the alleged ring-leader, Osama Bin Laden, wasn’t brought to justice, like Saddam Hussein, rather executed immediately upon contact. Or was he?

I would think, as many others do I’m sure, that such a high profile case would demand a world court hearing and publicity beyond that of Oscar night in Hollywood. That the leader and mastermind of thousands of innocent deaths both here in America and abroad would face the public prosecution of an international court. That Osama Bin Laden would be held accountable, without anything hidden or suspicious in nature to the grieving world for his actions. One would think, but then again, putting Osama on trial just might bring out the truth and who really ordered the felling of structures built to withstand just such calamity.

It was my opinion in 2001, and the more we travel down this slippery slope of concocted stories and slips of the tongue, the more I am convinced that President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and many others know something quite different than what we are told. After all, it’s those same people who owe their personal wealth to arms manufacturing and lucrative government contracts, foreign oil and various investments few of us will ever have the privilege of obtaining.

Between the misrepresentations of our elected leadership, gross negligence by government investigators and completely contradicting accounts in the years that followed that terrible day, we the people, still sit in the dark unsure of anything but a failed economy and heartbreak that has continued to grow in the aftermath of purely surrealistic day a decade ago.

Orbus Lange is a contributing writer to many notable columns and blogs. This article was posted as received 08-29-2011.


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