The Enneagon and the New Folkhûs

Odin sacrifices himself to himself by hanging ...

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There are some changes being made manifest at the Church of Universal Humanism and more concentration is being made toward the original concept of this outreach to the public. The title of “Reverend” will still be held for officiating purposes by “Reverend Al”, however the course of the “church” itself is going to be rededicated to its intended goal. That of the Neo-Pagan aspects of an Äsatrú-Folk community.

Therefore “Reverend Al” shall be formally recognized as the “Atwater Vitki” from this day forth and has reformulated the Church of Universal Humanism into the Äsatrú-Assembly of Universal Humanism.

The nine pointed star is created by 3 equilateral triangles, each turned 40 degrees from the others and when placed together create a Tetrahedron symbolizing:

1.   The Spirits of Odhinn, Vili and the All-Father and his brothers
2.   The Spirits of Freyr and Freyja, the gods of love, humanity and compassion
3.   The Spirit of Self, the dynamic expression of one’s ethereal Being.
(When working the Hammer Sign on one’s Self, it is done by the thumb/fist at the forehead-“Odhinn“, chin-“Vili” and solar-plexis-““, then left shoulder-“Freyr” and right shoulder-“Freyja“.)

Together the 3 equilateral triangles create the All Seeing Eye of The Creator. 3 is the sacred number of Nordic Cosmology and Nine is the High-Sacred Number being it is three times three and represents the Nine Noble Virtues of man’s pursuit. This is represented by the Triscalon, the interwoven triangle in much of Teutonic artistry.

The Nine pointed Star is a symbols of many cultures, faiths and religions, but the unique sacredness of the Triscalon times the three Self’s is what is represented in the Nordic version. The First Self is our Physical realm, Second Self is our Conscience and the Third Self is our Ethereal realm and connection to the All-Father.

We emulate the gods, never worship them. However folk approach, see, encounter, experience these Supreme Beings is personal, inviolate and inviolable, like our souls.

The Nine Pointed Star represents our Orlög, our ethereal reality manifest through the óðr, (soul) our conscious ability to control our many dimensions and facets of Self. This is the part of Self that is as ancient as the Multi-verse itself and what connects us to the cosmos.

Odhinn, Vili and Vé, brought forth the Mountains, Air, Oceans and Clouds from Ymir the cosmonic Giant when they took Ymir to the center of Gunningagap, the great void after defeating the giant. They then divided him into the earth from his skin, the clouds from his brains, the oceans from his blood and mountains and rocks came from his teeth and splinters of bones. This if course is merely representative of our connection to the cosmos in that we are indeed merely the same elements as the Stars. It is interesting to know that science has only recently (past 80 years) proven this while this sort of thinking has been held by several cultures since the dawn of mankind.

Askr and Embla, the first man and woman were also brought forth into being by the three brothers, adding to the sacred knowledge of the number three. They did this by finding two tree trunks that had fallen near the waters edge and Odhinn breathes in the breath of Life, Vili instills intelligence and movement and Vé

Through the Sagas we learn that Sky, through Lightening, became Fire through the need of Naudhaz giving us the four elements of Life’s necessity; materials of the earth, air, water and fire. The runes were given to us by Odhinn after his ordeal on the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, upon which he hung for “nights nine and fell back roaring” with the knowledge of the rune-staves. The mysteries of these majik symbols is held by Mimir in the Well of Wyrd, where one must approach with the utmost respect and ask of The Keeper to reveal this sacred knowledge unto the individual, in whatever manner he so chooses.

I hope these changes will allow for a broader scope of Good Folk to become encouraged to join our ranks through our WordPress™ Blog here, our other internet outlets and in person should you be in the Central California area.

Blessings of Peace,

Atwater Vitki

Runic Erulian and High-Rede,

Fellow of the International Rune-Gild


3 responses to this post.

  1. I’m glad to see you redefining your focus. I am proud to have received your friendship and guidance. I hope your new direction bears much fruit!



  2. …not to mention, much fruit being bared!


  3. Yaaay! You’re finally getting on the stick and finding what you really want and how to contribute that to the world.

    I’m so happy for you and I’m inspired and want to do the same for myself.. I just don’t know where to start!

    Much love and luck your way. ❤


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