My Will or God’s Will?

My Will vs. “Thy Will”

Rev. Dr. D.A. “Reverend Al” Kjono

Original Text posted to ULC forum July 2010

Edited for Nov. 1, 2010

If we are Spiritual Beings experiencing a Physical Existence then everything we conceptualize or think is of a Higher Authority or plane of existence. By being a Spiritual Creation we are not separate from, rather the extension of the (insert your label here -> The Almighty, God, The One, The Source, Allah, All Father etc.)

In order to exact a division of Self into physical and spiritual parts we could of course begin with the physical or biological as compared to the ethereal or non-physical i.e; brain = physical, thought = ethereal.

Being a Spiritual Being, and thus an extension of “I Am”, we could argue then, there is no such thing as “my will” as everything of our essence and being is extended from the Source. However, having divided ourselves into the physical and ethereal planes, there is a distinction of sorts.

Take the physical make up of the human brain or mind. There is a physical property to it, a “Gray mass” as we call it, formed from a very wrinkled, grizzled texture fleshy substance. And then there is the function of that physical mass. Synapses occur when neurons are excited and pass from one part to another within the nerve matrix or “highways” of the brain. These electrical impulses, working much like a binary switch system within a computer CPU, create alternative choices for us to ponder and eventually conclude as to which choice is “best” under the current situation.

This is a process of an intangible thing (electricity) interacting with a tangible, physical thing (brain). Thoughts, which are the basis of compelling us to act one way or an other are intangible. So how do we answer “my will vs. Thy Will”?

“My”, as in the possessive adjective, means “that which belongs to me inclusively” and being exclusive to any one else. “Thy” as in possessive adjective, in this case means the Eternal and Omniscient’s thoughts or causation of actions. The “will”, a noun expressing our determination or deliberate choice through our mental capacities, is the motivator of both courses of action.

If we are truly, 100%, as dogmatic and steadfast in our belief and faith a “good follower of religious ethic”, we have no free will or choices of “our” own making. We do in fact act upon the will imposed upon us by the higher order of the Omniscient. As some people may choose to see this, though I strongly oppose such a view, we are then little more than “puppets on a string” of the Almighty.

Now, having said that, if we are truly, 100% a good follower of religious ethics we have surrendered our individual and personal thoughts to that of the Omniscient One, and by doing so no longer have any decisions to make. We have made a deliberate choice of allowing our own free will to be absolutely and completely placed in the hands of God. However, I do not believe there is a single human in existence that honestly can do that or ever has.

If we use an example, let’s say of a neighbor stealing our hedge shears, our personal will would be to rectify the situation and go get our shears back. “God’s will” or that of the Omniscient would be to “let it go” and not bother our Self with things of the material and mundane. In fact, as Jesus taught us, we would also offer the neighbor our wheelbarrow, rake and broom also.

Yet others would take it to the extreme of physical properties of the flesh and not only demand the return of the shears, with police witnessing the act, but then find a high dollar lawyer willing to sue the neighbor for all sorts of legal discourse and emotional conflict maneuverings.

Somewhere in the middle is what most of us would do.

If we are truly only concerned with our Human existence we’ve taken a measure of Self will to not allow our mind, or physical being, to accept the existence of anything Omniscient or Ethereal to begin with. We do, by choice then, deny the possibility of there being anything “above us” or “beyond” this realm or plane. Thus all of our thoughts and choices of will our “mine”.

As most Humans are of the mindset that the existence of the Omniscient is not only a possibility, but a reality, it is this middle ground sector of the populace that is most susceptible to this quandary of “my will” vs. “Thy Will”.

Is it “God’s will” we go to the market and replenish our pantry? Or is that a “my will” happenstance of necessity? Is it “my will” to purchase the Cadillac when “His Will” influences us to merely provide basic, economical transportation for the family in the form of a stripped down Malibu? Would you consider it “His Will” to starve to death if suddenly you were penniless and homeless? Or would you make the conscious “my will” choice of seeking refuge in a homeless shelter with a soup kitchen? Or would you extend “His Will” to making that choice as well?

This response is merely an “at first glance” look into this proposition by Brother Sky on my part. I am certain though, as we dissect this question a bit further, my thought process will evolve and expand on this quandary. It is quite difficult to know just exactly where to draw the line between my and Thy on this one. So many variations and circumstances can brought into this seemingly benign question it would be fool hearty of myself to think any pat answer could be summed up without much discussion and debate on this topic.

In this post, I challenge the reader to make a list, yes a physical piece of paper and pen (or word processor and printer) of several major decisions you have made concerning your life over the previous few months. Categorize them into what you deem your Will and what you would categorize as God’s Will. If you have no particular religious affiliation, then your Will vs. that of Spirit.

Analyze these decisions from the standpoint of where the final decision and action came from. If you take this seriously it is far more difficult than you might first think.

Put each decision on your list through the following series ‘defining’ questions:

Who were the major principles and/or motivations for making this decision?

What series of events lead up to having to make this decision?

When will this decision meet fruition?

Where will this decision effect my/our Life the greatest?

Why was it necessary to have to consider this “option” in Life?

How did it become necessary to have to consider this in the first place?

It has been my experience to find that even religious and/or Spiritually guided people, if being truthful with Self, make the majority of their own decisions based on what they feel confident is best for them at the moment of decision. If you categorically answer all of the defining question with either Self or Spirit/God, I will be so bold as to say you have not been honest with your Self.

Defining these questions is not meant as a test of your relationship with God nor is it meant evaluate your personal strengths and weaknesses. It is meant to show how difficult it is to truthfully and honestly define the source of Will of things many people take for granted.

I look forward to commentary on this and would really like you to share at least part of your experience in defining this little ‘test’.

Blessings of Peace,


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