God Consciousness

God Consciousness

I’d first like to comment on my friend Rev. Rainbow’s assessment of “
To me, the singing of “sacred” songs (and melodic chants) is also ritualistic in all cultures. It is a thread winding its way from the lowest mud hut to the highest penthouse where we sing familiar songs of faith not just to ourselves for remembrance, but to God in the form of musical praise…alone or in choirs. Music stirs our spirit and sacred music brings us closer in communion with God. This I believe.

This is so true. Singing is our “vibration” making our Self manifest. When we vibrate at our personal level, we often experience things that are mundane to hyperbolic and extremely emotional. For instance, I can not sing “Amazing Grace” without shedding a tear. It strikes a chord in me that simply manifests so many emotions I cry, and I mean ‘open the flood gates’! Singing IS indeed communion with/of/for/by the Creator Spirit Within.

Next, a notable authority in sociology, Dr. Whitehouse makes the assertion that: ” Rituals are, by their very nature, puzzling activities that invite interpretation,” is very true. Rituals also have an emotional aspect – ranging from a comforting feeling of security or togetherness to extreme terror. And rituals can be repetitive – although the frequency of repetition varies enormously.

These three traits are what make religion and ritual such good bedfellows. They provide the all-important elements that allow a religion to flourish: meaning, motivation and memory ” It is the participants varied level of meaning, motivation and memory that brings me to my second point.

Our Continuum

This is, in part, a portion of the “spark of Life” that is so distinctly difficult to interpret. Our Continuum is more than DNA, genes or enzymes it is in essence our “Essence”. Many folks believe in having lived previous lives and can prove it through past life regression therapy, something I have experienced myself. I do not, however, believe in reincarnation. I don’t personally believe I lived X’-number of generations ago and then was reincarnated into that person’s “essence” once again. Rather I believe our Continuum, is our physical ability, passed on through DNA and genes, remembers what our ancestor lived or experienced. It is after all in our Continuum.

Rituals and singing are forms of vibration that entices our Continuum to ‘remember’ and just like a memory we have in our current life of something we may have done as a child comes back, so does that memory from our Continuum. Our electrical or nervous system, brain matter and all the fluids and cells and enzymes and so forth that create this new body we live in, comes from the Continuum and is like a messenger from the past.

For instance I have three, very distinct “past life” memories, one from the late 1700/early 1800’s, one from the 12th/13th centuries and one from prehistory. All are just as vivid, just as visceral and fluid as memories of things I did as a child. I believe these are all a part of my Continuum, not a reincarnate version of those memories. I can literally see, feel, smell, taste and touch a cave wall, feel the warmth of the fire and taste/smell the dusty/smoky air and sense those others around me in my “Neanderthal” memory and especially so when doing Fire Workings in Runic Galdors-Majik. This is much the same for me during other time period memories while performing various other forms of ritualistic behaviors.

My ‘memory’ of being a Cathar is also extremely visceral. The Cathars were a religious group who appeared in Europe in the eleventh century, their origins something of a mystery though there is reason to believe their ideas came from Persia by way of the Byzantine Empire, the Balkans and Northern Italy. My specific “past life regression memory” is that of being one of ‘priests’, though Cathars had no formal hierarchy.

There is a Captain of the army, a group of about 500-600 soldiers who have come to our aide in fighting off the overwhelming forces of the Holy Roman Crusaders, about 2,000 of them. This Captain is doing a “Braveheart” like pep talk from his horse, riding back and forth in front of ‘our troops’ yelling and screaming, inciting the troops into a frenzy. Myself and the other “priests” are imploring him to be quiet and allow our prayers and even “majik” to work and we’d all be safe from harm, but he insists on the clamor and noise.

I smell the sweat and leather, armor and horses, the campfire haze that hangs on a windless air. I feel the warmth of the rising sun on my back and even read from the vellum scroll in my hands, though now, when consciously awake can not decipher a single word. I even feel the texture of the scroll and am careful not to damage it while reading from it. It’s as “real” as sitting here typing now, perhaps even more so in some senses.

Due to the noise and screaming of the Captain and troops we are ‘surprised’ by the Crusaders at both flanks and from the rear. We are mercilessly cut down and I succumb to a rather nasty ‘run through’ with a sword from behind me. “Vigliacco!” (“Coward!”) I scream at my attacker whom I can not see behind me. I feel the hot blood draining from my front and back, I hurt in my knees as I drop to the ground onto small rocks and gravel. I sense a foot on my back and the tug of the sword being pulled from my mid-section as I’m kicked to the ground face down. I smell the dirt at my nostrils and the roughness of the rocky ground against my face and then my visual fades away.

So for me, this is why I believe rituals are so important to our current state of being. They help us ‘remember’, they aid us in becoming someone we once were in order to experience the sensations and thought processes that lay dormant within. This is also why I so firmly believe in Buddha’s, the Christ’s, Mohamed’s message of looking within for Truth and Our Father. If we concentrate/meditate long and hard enough, we can ‘remember’ our purest and truest form of energy existence in the “Father” or “God”.

In my 19th century “regression” it’s only a small piece of memory. There is my family, two small children and a wife inside a crude log cabin that sits high on a hill at the edge of a forest. The view is spectacular as I look down a long meadow and valley below and towering mountains to both right and left. I am harnessing a horse, something like a Sharif or smaller working breed akin more to Europe than USA.

I’m taking in the morning air and am quite startled by several men on horseback and two on a single horse drawn lorry with a large tarp covering whatever is the deck.

They ask if they might water their stock and the language dialect seems to be some sort of Germanic/Scandinavian, or northern European old language. I answer them fluently and motion for them to sit at a bench in front of the cabin. The door opens and my wife appears and begins to yell at me not to allow “strangers” to take advantage of us. “Zie souden hier so dict bich onze dingend nitch moten ziner!” she says in what sounds like possibly a Dutch or Netherland dialect. (“They shouldn’t be around our home and things!”)

Again this is a scenario where in my visual I understand every word of what is gibberish to me while consciously thinking about it. My written interpretation is based on sound and not necessarily correct verbiage or spelling in whatever the exact language is being used. There is no further action or trouble in this visual, just that little piece, but again so visceral that smells, breeze on my face, sun on me, the harness in my hands, everything is so real and constant. Even the sensory perceptions of the small horse pushing against me, and the feel of the coat and mane against my hands as I strap the harness to it are so real it’s as if I’m doing it now.

So was I once a Neanderthal, a Cathar or Germanic/Scandinavian farmer? Did I live as others long ago? Or are these mere small pieces of memory passed down along my Continuum through genes and enzymes, DNA and RNA, brain cells and synapses?

Somewhere between the long forgotten past and our current consciousness lay the Truth of not only who we are, but what we once were and always shall be….the Eternal or “God Consciousness” within. Just exactly what that is we may never know or perhaps one day science will able to adequately inform us. In the meantime I’m content to simply the life I have today and continue to question and seek answers as one thing I do have complete faith in; We are to bring back knowledge to The Source, The Collective, the Great All … to “God”.

We are somehow an extension of the Eternal energy source within each of us. We are the “I AM!” of the unknowable essence, the physical embodiment of what otherwise is the Supra-consciousness of the Universe. Energy in its most basic form is eternal so therefore I have to believe our Life Spark, the unknown of our truest being is eternal.

Blessings of Peace,

Rev. Al


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