Free Will or Designed Destiny?

Free Will
Designed Destiny?
By Rev. D. A. “Reverend Al” Kjono
November 2008

Are we in control of our lives through choices, chances and risks we take? Is our destiny prewritten so we merely perform life according to a cosmic script?

One view is we make our own choices and decisions each and every moment that create our future and destiny.

The opposite view is our ultimate destiny is predetermined by the Cosmic Connection and we simply act out our lives in a defined and predictable manner.

Take Subject “A” that decides at 16 he is going to have a 1971 Chevy Malibu through his high school and college years. He will major in psychology, do post graduate work in paranormal studies. He will work for any one of a number of government agencies until he is 35 and then start his own paranormal investigation service. He will have long ago given up his Malibu for the finer comforts of Mercedes, be a cutting edge techno-crat and retire by 55 with his wife, 2 kids through college a dog and 55” foot yacht at the pier on his personal island in the San Juan’s of Peugeot Sound.

Subject “B” allows each day of high school to go where it may. He flounders through 6 years of college getting a four year degree in Environmental Sciences and doesn’t leave his volunteer position at Green Peace until he is 35. The 1978 Volvo s60 he bought for an ounce of home grown 15 years ago still gets him around to the three kids he has from two divorced wives. If he can manage to pay the rent, child support and feed himself he’s lucky to even have enough energy to think about retiring sometime long after his retirement date expires.

If this is the destiny of each subject then nothing they do can divert them from their predestine course.

If Subject B were to inherit $5m dollars from a long forgotten aunt, turn his life around into great success, remain married having only two children and had retired completely with a vast pension; two debatable premises would explain the change.

One argument would be the Cosmos had determined long ago his good fortune and he didn’t know of it until it happened by design. Each downward step in his life was merely a walk along the path of Destiny. The opposing argument would be that he had caused his energy to change so that he opened himself to the cosmic blessings of Free Will and Created Future. He had mentally challenged and made compulsive changes to his vibration for bettering the God Energy Within.

If Subject “A” had had his identity stolen, lost everything due to bad stock market and real estate returns, became an alcoholic due to the stress, lost his wife and kids, gone bankrupt and failed two suicides; the same two opposing conundrums are presented.

This seems to be a never win, catch 22, no possible answer situation about how the Cosmos Works. Or is it?

For the sake of this article let’s put down a few facts about each viewpoint. Regardless if by chance or by design the Cosmos (Collective Conscious, God, The All, The Source etc., etc.) must be the following:

1. Intelligent. And by man’s means of calibrating or determining the degree of intelligence, suffice it to say the Cosmos is beyond our menial ability to comprehend its awesome power, vastness and greatness.
2. Unending. Truly having no boundaries or limits. Infinity to the infinite degree.
3. Bonded. All matter regardless of size or complexity is bonded first to itself and secondarily to everything else. The Cosmos is one unto itself and is within everything. Tapping into the intellect of this everything is the great “I Am!” within each and every living creature throughout the Universe.
4. Love. Love may be an emotional response, however, by definition it is an intelligent, unending bond with another person or living creature.

Of course this list of what is should be offset for clarity of what we can reasonably assume the Cosmos is not.

A. Chaotic. There is irrefutable evidence that the Cosmos is chaotic in the physical matter sense. This is the birthing process of calm and order. The Cosmos is most definitely renewing itself in an on going and ever changing manner. This is required in order to provide the Spiritual and Ethereal calm and peace of things being in place and organized.
B. Vengeful. Again we are faced with natural disasters and acts of God that challenge this aspect of emotions. There are most assuredly people on Earth who could say the Cosmos has had it’s vengeance on the subject or people around them due to events in their lives.
C. Wrathful. Chaos and vengeance may seem like the wrath of God coming down on a person when ill gotten events happen in our lives. Wrath, however, is an emotion resulting in a deliberate and focused act of vengeance. This again is merely the culmination of the Cosmos obtaining its highest and fullest potential of Oneness within everything.
D. Hateful. This would infer that the Cosmos would wish itself harm or damage to its very structure. Allowing chaotic, vengeful, wrath laden hate to cause itself harm does not make any logical sense what-so-ever. If we feel we are ‘hated’ by the Cosmos then we should look at Self to determine the origins of this implanted guilt.

Intelligent, unending, bonded love versus chaotic, vengeful, wrathful hate, it could take a lifetime to adequately evaluate each premise and how it relates to the others.

Perhaps we are simply meant to follow the sporadic path of designed destiny into an unknown future! Or perhaps we are nothing more than worker ants that follow the Cosmic Plan and only think we’re doing our own free will because we vibrate well with the harmony of Predestine Oneness. Quite frankly the consequences of knowing the answers to this debate are enormous in nature.

Do we come to this physical existence to exact a predestine plan? Do we choose a particular physical existence because of the lessons learned along that journey? Are we born into uncertainty and create our own path and journey? Do we have a predetermined purpose in each physical plane existence? Do we choose our purpose based on the life path we are given?

No matter how we ask it or put it we are ultimately asking to know the answer to the meaning of life. The enormous responsibility we would take upon ourselves knowing that answer is probably more than any human would be capable of enduring. I for one believe that is why this conundrum of design or fate has been presented to our thinking. It has become our purpose.

Our purpose is to question and ask, to wonder and imagine, to ponder and discern. I’m not so certain we are ultimately meant to actually know any one answer. After all with six billion plus Spirits on this planet, perhaps there are as many answers to this perplexing situation as there are people asking questions.

Blessings of Peace and Enlightenment,
“Rev. Al”


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