Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

Are We our Own Worst Enemy?

By Rev. Dr. D.A. Kjono

June 2011

 Notwithstanding the huge problems our economy faces from external threats to our National Security, it seems our own political processes and over sight, for supposedly “Free People” may be part of the problem rather than solution. How can the once, and still could be, greatest nation on the planet have relinquished such a lofty formal role to a ‘fraidy cat’ and ‘big chicken’?

I stand with millions of veterans who still believe in America. I am also among the many who remember fallen comrades that died for your right to be free and Constitutionally oppose the sometime ridiculous nature of a political process that is exactly that; Political in its Process. From the halls of elementary schools to the front lines of over-seas wars being politically correct was thought to be a dying battle cry, yet is still heard loud and clear at home and abroad.

While we face seemingly insurmountable inflation, devaluation of the dollar, soaring National Debt and an upcoming presidential election that should rival the like of P.T. Barnum in its offering of candidates nearly ¾ of our fellow Americans think it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. That is if we pass by October 21, 2011 and December 21, 2012 without universal consequences. We have economists, inventors, educators and home-schooled teenagers all offering their personal solutions to our collective plight yet we still seem to be stymied by a singular, overriding factor; The United States Government.

Instead of everyone doing their part to bring us out of this slump we instead have a big “but” that is gumming up the works. Everyone but the government is doing their part to help us climb out of this financial hole being dug deeper by our own politicians. Was Bin Laden correct? Are we indeed our own worst enemy? The learned and astute on these issues seem to have an answer, at least in part to our collective dilemma.

The good news, he says, is that the problem is still fixable, and has some inexpensive solutions. … The Travel Association has also proposed a simple, four-point plan for “common sense entry reforms” that Dow says would create an estimated 1.3 million new jobs and bring in $858 billion into the U.S. economy by 2020. …”If you treat every traveler as a terrorist, [security work] becomes very difficult.”

Indeed, despite U.S. visa policies that treat all Latinos as immigrants vying for American jobs …it might just be Uncle Sam who is denying more Americans a better shot at living the dream themselves.(1)

I like this approach which appears to have the opposite meaning of the statement of “keeping our friends close and enemies closer”. In essence it really means keeping our allies as close to us as possible while making our enemies step back. We’re so close to having a one world government, we already have doctors without borders and the pro socio-politico stance of “no man is an island unto himself” that I believe this might just work.

As the ULC membership grows it shows us there is at least a common goal, if not solidarity, in the idealism of each and every one of us doing our part to bring America back to the united front it once was. To stand together with our many individual flags raised under a singular idea of freedom, to understand what liberty is all about instead of allowing our enemies to lock us up tight in our social processes.

What is worse, while our enemies run free about the world, we sit as a huddle mass locked into our homes letting fear dictate our actions, ignorance perpetuate the problem and our political process knowingly and deliberately exasperate the situation instead of solving our collective problem. So, in this light, are we our own worst enemy?

I love this country and what it has stood for over 225 years. And, while all great empires rise and eventually fall, I’d hate to see ours get kicked back to its knees before we’ve truly had a chance to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. It’s humiliating, not humbling, to be in such a position when could be running, jumping and kicking our heels up in our pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness.

Blessings of Peace,

(1) By TIM ROGERS –Time Magazine – Friday, June 3, 2011 (click here for Full Article)


To Our Global Brothers and Sisters of ANY Religion

I realize you and I have different views on our religions. I also realize we are vastly different in our cultural, familial and community associations and ways of doing things. I understand how greatly different the world is today than when I was born some 60 years ago…some things for the worst but mostly for the better. Lately our Muslim population has had the embarrassment of groups like ISIS, Taliban and Al Qeada tarnish the world view of a most sacred religion.

I am also in complete understanding that the views and edicts most followers of Islam live by are not the same interpretations of the Koran held by the varied groups that promote violence in the name of Mohamed. In my own religious doctrine of Nordic beliefs we face similar challenges of those members who at all times follow the Nine Noble Virtues and those who disregard certain stanzas for their personal agenda.

So somewhere, between the very blurry lines of who and what “God” is we face difficult challenges that do not represent what many of us truly believe. The bottom line to me is that most Muslims, most Christians, most Ásatrú, most Hindu, most Shinto, most everyone of every different religion follows a similar, if not the same tenet as those of us at the ULC;

Do that which is Right!

“Right” is not causing others to suffer because they think different, believe different, eat sleep or live different than we do. “Right” is accepting those differences for what they are, someone else who seeks to Do that which is Right.

As a society at large it is very difficult to have this faith in strangers and people of differences. But if we allow our fears, assumptions and preconceived ideas about others forge our mindset then in essence we are no better nor different than those who would promote and carry out terrorism and intolerance against the majority of peaceful, tolerant, accepting and loving individuals most of us truly are.

And remember, there are more people reading this that “get it” than those that don’t!

Blessings of Peace,

Nov 8, 2016: Not What Anyone Envisioned

I didn’t like either candidate and my Peace and Freedom party is never a serious runner but even our Riva-Banks ticket didn’t impress me much this round.

I suppose we can all show our disappointment in how things turned out OR we can give the elected a chance to prove himself. I’m thinking he will more than likely get himself in a position of impeachment with 6 months, but that’s just my wishful thinking.

I didn’t like any of the candidates this year with the exception of Bernie Sanders. Not that he’s perfect or has all the answers but he does have quite an impressive background of snaking his way around Capitol Hill. If there was was anyone that filled the role of “politician for the people” it is Bernie.

Well folks we can either grunt and groan, kick and fuss about this year’s election or talk to our meathead friends that made this happen. I truly think a lot of people thought “Oh well, just for kicks I’ll vote Trump. After all, he’ll never actually make it!” ….wrong!

Voting is not a joke. Voting is a serious privilege that few people truly understand the concept and responsibility that is placed on them in the voting booth. And if you didn’t vote you have absolutely nothing to say about who is or isn’t in the POTUS chair.

Let’s give “The Potus” a chance and make sure 2020’s election doesn’t fail so miserably.

Blessings of Peace,

What About Other Worlds?

We have here, on planet Earth, a phenomena of “legends” that date back thousands of years. Of reptilian conquerors, star people saviors and all manner of gray, green and blue entities either trying to kill us or aid our survival.

I can’t help but wonder; In all the vastness of this universe are there other intelligent life forms light years away from us pondering human invaders and some form of savior?

I’m going to leave the question there for now and add to this pondering at a later date. Just think about it and chime in with your comments.

Blessings Be,

Health, Well-being and Comfort of All Life on Planet Earth

Reverend Al Kjono  October 2015

Some times I think we humans forget that we are not the only Life-Forms on this planet. We routinely come up with things that aid in our comfort or well-being, but cause harm to other life around us. Paper manufacturing kills trees, meat consumption kills cattle, sonar safety of our marine vessels disturbs and/or kills several types of marine mammals. Granted some of these examples have been our way of life for millennia and are possibly necessary to some degree…. or….are they?

I don’t think it matters if we desire to build a tree house in our back yard, construct a 100 story building in downtown Chicago or give away free energy to the masses. We need to consider…

Consider all life on this planet since we are not the only one. We routinely do environmental impact studies on building projects so why don’t we do so on everything, not necessarily by drafting a law or mandate, but by our own volition, our own moral and ethical standard?

Not every idea is a good idea. Just because a new method of manufacturing seems like an advancement, is it in reality? I mean several automobile makers were struggling with a make or break comeback in the 70’s. Are you really telling me the Gremlin™, Vega™, Pinto™ and Pacer™ were honestly the “best” engineers at their respective plants could conceive?

I’ve talked about ‘personal responsibility’ until I’m blue in the face it seems. So far myself and others of like mind have been scoffed at and laughed out of the blogs. I’ve even been told I might as well give up trying to change anyone’s mind as people are out for themselves and could care less about others. Somehow I don’t fully accept that thinking.

It’s so simple, whether it’s a title or raise at work, a design or invention that creates massive change, a concept of philosophy that alters history or merely causes one person to grow, it doesn’t matter as long as the idea keeps all Life in its best interest. If everybody were to think of everything else before acting out their own desires we could have World Peace, end hunger and homelessness as well as raise the consciousness of life on Earth. It just takes thinking of others as much as we think of Self.

Try it, the results could change your Life forever!

Blessings of Peace,

In Preparation of Peace Day Sep 21

Please read THIS and prepare to meditate this week in support of Peace Day 2015!


Blessings of Peace, Healing and Prosperity,


The Change Needed to “Make America Great Again©” is Not ‘The Donald’

The Change Needed to “Make America Great Again©” is Not ‘The Donald’

by Orbus Lange

August 2015

I rarely make political commentary as it always, yes always, goes horribly wrong and on a path I didn’t intend. However, having said that, I do have a short message to “The Donald”: If you truly want this country to be “Great Again”, then don’t become the next president of it.

You will find, my dear Mr. Trump, “You’re fired!” are not amusing words to staffers who have been the backbone of this country for decades. You won’t be able to indiscriminately yell orders at people from the Oval Office and get the same effect you do from your business office. The White is suppose to be about running a country, not a fairy tale-land for want-to-be Elf Kings. Even “The Donald” will have to abide by his oath of office and the Bill of Rights. He will also have to stand up for the United States Constitution, not build walls and toss people out on their ear because of race, creed or religious preferences(1).

“The Donald” may be amusing to some, irritating to others and a complete buffoon to the rest of us, but as they say “Money talks and BS walks!” which is what scares me about his chances at winning. I would not be so smug and go so far to say as he could not buy my vote, but at today’s exchange rate my vote is ridiculously valued at US$9.5 Billion…and it increases by US$500M per month between now and November 2016. And while the potential Republican nominee may not think that’s funny, he stopped being so(2) awhile ago.

This is the first time in my 40+ years of voting that I have not had my election choice whittled down to two or three candidates by now. Unless very unforeseen circumstances happen over the next year, this is the first time in my life I don’t have a clue who to vote for next November. It could actually be the first time I don’t vote based on the dismal candidate line up we have so far. The list is long of who I don’t want and no one has given me any glimmer of confidence to change my mind, yet. We will have to see who and what transpires between now and election day 2016.

Give my regards to the rest of the Earthlings,


Make America Great Again” ©2015 Trump for President Campaign



Note to my readers:

My good friend Orbus Lange is an alter-ego of sorts. He often has the guts to say things I never would think of or have the where-with-all to expound to the public. – Viking


I’ve been at my brothers for this past week and we’ve had many interesting discussions about numerous topics.

One topic being the lack of “sanity” and good in the world. Well, that’s probably because we have little patience for insanity and bad/evil. But one thing has become abundantly clear…in order for us to truly appreciate the good and sane things in this world, there must be the opposite in order to provide Contrast.

The ages old dichotomy of we must have darkness to understand light, bad to realize good etc really does make this point.

What most of us Awares see in this world is the ilk and murk because it so grates against us. It not our job to stomp out the dark and evil. If we are upset or live in despair over the wrongs of this world, create some Light! Do good for and with other folks, live free of angst and the usual drag downs, create a positive environment for ourselves, family and friends.

Create some Contrast!!

Blessings of Peace,